Confirmed: 40GB PS3 hits U.S. November 2nd for $400, 80GB gets $100 Price Drop

Jack Tretton, President of Sony Computer Entertainment has now confirmed that the new 40GB PlayStation 3 will make it's way to the U.S., releasing on Novemeber 2nd, for a retail price of $400.

If that wasn't good enough, Tretton also confirmed that the 80GB version will be getting a hundred price cut, dropping it from $600 to $500.

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TeaDouble_E4071d ago

I think they might stop making the 60 gigs.

ISay4071d ago

no his right they allready stoped making the 60 but their will still be some out their mixed in w the 80 i think youll see stores drop those on thier own maybee a $450 60 gig

gtgcoolkid4071d ago

I think they will do what they did in EU. Bundle it with games and extra controllers. That should get sell all of them.

NoUseMerc4071d ago

They are discontinuing it remember....phasing it out.

masterg4071d ago

The 80/40GB combo in America seems good to me.
I'm not sure why we have to have to 60/40GB combo here in Europe.

AllanWakker4071d ago

Vice President of SCEE James Armstrong:

"Q: Nick Sharples, director of communications for Sony Europe, said yesterday that there will be no more PS3 60 Gb for Europe, and that this model will only be on sale whilst stocks last. Is there not any other way that Europeans will have access to a backwards compatible PS3?

A: Indeed. When the stock is exhausted from 60 Gb model, which we believe will happen quickly due to the attractiveness of the offer. Remember, 60 Gb console along with two first party games and two controllers for 499 Euros, only the 40 Gb version will be available on the market.But it is possible that in the future, as PS3 production costs continue to decline, we launch another version with better benefits, but always keeping this standard model that always will be as economical as possible."

So it sounds like the 60gig is almost sold out in Europe and they will be coming out with a new model 80 or 120gig I would guess to replace it.

Prismo_Fillusion4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Why would anyone buy the 60 gig now? Just wait and get the 80 gig for the same price! Not one more 60GB unit should be sold.

edit @andy: good point, i completely forgot about the games and extra controller!

AllanWakker4071d ago

The 60gig has the hardware EE of the PS2's EE/GS combo which has ~99.5 percent or so BC for PS2 games. The 80gigs with software emulated EEs I think are in the ~90 percent range. So it has very good BC but it is very nice to be able to pop in any PS2 game and not have to worry if it is one of the small number with problems.

andy0014071d ago

the 60GB comes with two games and two controllers, and is available right now, in stores, for only £349, and when compared to the 360 Elite, at £299, it is an absolute bargain! Even the Premium at £249, does not seem that great a deal by the time you have bought another controller and a couple of games.

P4KY B4071d ago

Makes a Wii look very expensive.

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