Sony and Microsoft step up fight with Wii; $399 40GB PS3 dated

The Financial Times reports from San Francisco:

Sony announced a $399 40GB PS3 for the US on October 17 while Microsoft confirmed that it would launch a new $279 Xbox 360 Arcade. The moves increased price competition with the Nintendo Wii, which remains the cheapest of the new consoles at $250 for the crucial holiday season sales period.

While Microsoft hopes to challenge the Wii with the Arcade, its $349 Xbox 360 Premium faces pressure from the $399 PS3, which has a bigger, 40-gigabyte hard drive, built-in wi-fi and a Blu-ray drive.

"I think Microsoft almost has to cut the price of the Premium or bundle it with some games," said Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter. He said the only surprise in Sony's announcement was the inclusion of the Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray disc in the package.

The Financial Times reports that the $399 PS3 will be available on November 2.

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Blasphemy4018d ago

Good stuff this one actually gives an official release date.

nasim4018d ago

NOW over in NA

there is no way an inferior console like x360 would rival a SUPERCOMPUTER named ps3 at a competitive price.

x360 and wii are both finished in EU and NA


PopEmUp4018d ago

The big boys (Ps3& X-box 360)is putting some pressures on the little guy (Wii)

Prismo_Fillusion4018d ago

Is ANYONE going to buy the 360 Arcade? What a waste! How is it not worth spending the extra $70 on the Premium?

"Sony announced a $399 40GB PS3 for the US on October 17"
"The Financial Times reports that the $399 PS3 will be available on November 2"

Both from this story. One is wrong. Which one? :p

DrRage774018d ago

they are both correct, you are just reading it incorrectly. it says that sony announced the $399 40gb ps3 sku on october didn't announce it was being released on the 17th, that is the day sony announced the $399 ps3 for the will be released on november 2nd

announced on october 17th
released on novmeber 2nd


joydestroy4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

the console sales for the holiday is going to be interesting, to say the least. no one really knows what's going to happen with all of these price cuts, new sku's and bundles.

Pachter, you're an idiot once again. they are bundling the 360 premium and Elite with 2 games, actually, for the holiday season.

dragunrising4018d ago

I have every intention of finally owning a PS3 this holiday. The lack of bc is kind of disappointing but then again I own a PS2:-P If you want to play PS2 games (and don't own one) Sony will probably slash the price of the PS2 to $100; effectively the cost of bc if you were to go for the 60 gig. This announcement is great news despite being known about for some time.

I lack the source or past article but I read somewhere back that Wi-Fi was upgraded for this model; I believe the evidence was in the FCC filing. Anyone have the source?

joydestroy4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

i'm too lazy, but you are correct. not only will the wifi be imporoved, but i also believe the range for the controller was improved.

edit: alright i did go and look but there are sooooo many 40gb articles that it would take a while to find it.

Filanime034018d ago

yup the Wi-fi is improved and also the dvd drive is improve too lazy to find thr article sorry.

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The story is too old to be commented.