The Downfalls Of Owning Every Console

Geek Revolt writes "The benefits of owning every console are obvious—they’ve been talked about many, many, times before. It goes something like this, you get to play any game on the market, you’re less likely to pick sides, etc. Yet, gamers rarely talk about the negative aspect of owning them all. So that’s what we’re going to do today, here are the downfalls of owning every console."

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DeeZee2726d ago

Two out of three isn't bad :)

NewMonday2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

"3- Overindulgence, you become jaded"

More like I don’t have to put up with crap

limewax2725d ago

Biggest downfall is you cannot comment on anything on N4G once you own all, as you are instantly a fanboy of whatever you comment on it seems, So I should be classified as playbox3ninty fanboy by the N4G standards

starchild2725d ago

People should own whatever they want and have the time and money for.

Personally, I will always own a gaming PC and at least one console.

Next generation, though, I don't think I will buy all the consoles like I did this generation. I hope to only own a gaming rig and one console. But depending on what exclusives get released I may have to cave in and get more than one console.

Optical_Matrix2726d ago

Number 3, for the life of me, doesn't make any sense at all. I own all 3 systems and that has yet to happen -_-

NYC_Gamer2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

well,only own pc/ps3/ 360 might end up buying only one console next gen though.and the truth 360 has been the machine used least for me.

Agent-862726d ago

The PC and PS3 are a great gaming combo. I skipped the 360 because it seemed redundant to me: alot of their "exclusives" are also on PC. Also, consoles are more of a "sidekick" for me and paying to play online seems so wrong, especially since I primarily game online on the PC.

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byeGollum2726d ago

I got a ps3,360 and PC ...

for a few years it was all ps3.. then I started 360 Gears, alan wake and mass effect series. my PC, the most powerful.. gets no games time... yet ... this summer it will be ps3 again.. i'll be revisiting my favorite ps3 games in anticipation of the sequels

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The story is too old to be commented.