Console Monster: Battlefield 3 Monster First Look

Battlefield 3 is being tipped as one of the best games to be released in 2011, and with good reason too. Although the current gaming market is swamped with war games such as Call of Duty, Bad Company and Medal of Honour, EA is hoping to surpass all those before them when they let gamer’s lose on Battlefield 3 later this year. We at Console Monster are just as hyped as everyone else with EA's latest creation and we thought we'd take a quick first look at the future blockbuster.

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aviator1892730d ago

And I'm sure it'll be a monstrously epic game.

fluffydelusions2730d ago

I was just playing BFBC2 on PC. Can't wait for BF3

Draperc2730d ago

The graphics, while impressive, didn't impress me as much as the sound and destruction. I hope in the next gen of consoles devs will focus on sound quality, story, and gameplay more instead of graphics.