Pumpkin Pie and Sigma: Remembering Megaman X

Gamer's Guide to, Saturday, April 30, 2011: Greg Mengel remembers Megaman X.

"Everyone has their religion. For some, it's found in a church. For others, it's located on a board, down the pipe of a twenty-foot wave."

"Closing my eyes and remembering playing Megaman X at my cousin's house isn't my religion. But it's damn close."

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cowkimon2732d ago

X, Zero, or the original Megaman really need to make it into the next Smash Bros.

zeal0us2732d ago

hell I still play Megaman X 1 2 and 3. afterwords I stop playing just didn't feel the same and when it hit the ps2 it look like a disaster, no offense to those who like those versions

FoneBone452732d ago

Megaman X has also come to the Virtual Console pretty recently. Hopefully strong sales will tempt Capcom to give us some Megaman X9 love...