Lara Croft isn't the only survivor! + New Details + OPM Portugal Scans

Lara Croft is not the only survivor of the boat accident. Read more revelations here. Published by

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Blazee2729d ago

Great reveal, thank you LusoGamer!

LusoGamer2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

It is really interesting that there is another survivor in the game. :o

Cenobia2729d ago

This was revealed in the Game Informer article (and maybe even before that) a couple months ago.

The only new info I see is that there will be a ghost town.

RedPawn2729d ago


I would kill for an Uncharted cross over.

RedPawn2729d ago

Meaning I've wanted this game since they've talked about it, and I would love to see an Uncharted game with Lara in it, with new elements.

Inception2727d ago

I thought you want a crossover game that Drake will meet Lara Croft.

LusoGamer2729d ago

@ RedPawn

Yeah I unterstand, that would be great!

stuntman_mike2729d ago

game is looking real good.