15 Graphics Techniques that are Revolutionising Gameplay

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"The X360 and PS3 have the most advanced and sophisticated graphics of any games consoles ever released, and by a long way, too. Bump mapping, bloom, motion blur – you name it, these machines can do it. But what does all that hi-tech graphics jargon mean and what impact does it have on real-world gameplay? In this comprehensive guide to next-gen graphics, we uncover the key technologies and visual effects, and investigate how they are transforming the way we play games."

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krackchap4018d ago

no deferred rendering?
no ray tracing??

Ludwig4018d ago

Those are just new ways to do the SAME thing, not new.

WafflesID4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Ray tracing is no where NEAR the "Same thing" as what current GPUs do. Not even close.

The methods used in current games are a cheap "hack" compared to what ray tracing allows.

And what do you mean "those are just NEW ways to do the SAME thing, not NEW." So which is it, new ways or not new? You said both in the same sentence :) heh

Tone4018d ago

... is not new, it goes as far back as the Commodore Amiga days, which it was actually pretty good at doing.

And the Amiga was used to do all the rendering etc on Babylon 5, so ray tracing isnt exactly new.

synce4018d ago

People who concern themselves with this graphical BS really don't know what makes games special. I pity them.

Genki4018d ago

On second thought, no...I don't, they're not even worth that. If you think graphics mean nothing, then that's essentially a slap in the face to all of the artists and engineers who work hard to achieve these breakthroughs and innovative techniques. I don't think anyone will argue that it's ultimately gameplay that matters MOST, but graphics matter in the whole scope of things.

WafflesID4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Uhm, OP was right. How many games have you seen with excellent graphics and still not even worth a rental?

Doesn't matter how good the graphics are if the gameplay sucks, but you CAN have a real good game that has bad graphics and special effects.

Graphics are a small part of what makes a game special. And he never said anything about the graphics not mattering at all. The point that he was making is that some people focus entirely too much on all the technical aspects of graphics (like this report) and think that the more FX you cram in a game the better it is, when that is just not true.

So basically chill out, as you are both saying essentially the same thing.

jaja14344018d ago

While The Darkness was a meh game overall, I did love the fact that you could watch cartoons on the TV.

WafflesID4018d ago

huh, and yet Duke Nukem 3D had working security cameras all the way back in 1996.

tab5534018d ago

the author of this post is of below average intelligence and is responsible for producing the most simplistic, obvious waste of time article I have read. Please don't bother.

jaja14344018d ago

And yet you did, and then commented on it?

Anyways, why exactly is he "below average"? Everything he said does indeed increase the realism of game play, though the skid marks one is kind of a stretch, but that was meant to emphasize the consoles evolution of available memory more than anything else.

So why the hate?

SlappingOysters4018d ago

Your inability to argue why you belive this suggests that your are the person of below average intelligence.

Although i guess to someone of your mental handicap, having an opinion that differs from your own is automatically a sign of low intelligence.

367 To Your Ass4018d ago

GOW uses it.....special pixel shader bump mapping.

InMyOpinion4018d ago

And they should have mentioned Halo 3 under HDR. Say what you will about textures etc, but it has some mean lighting effects.

Wii60_FTW4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

lmao. this article is a complete joke. normal mapping is the #1 "next-gen" technique and they don't even cover it. it adds so much to realism in gameplay and immersion. pretty much every game uses it, too...

and then there is virtual displacement mapping, or PARALLAX mapping, or the more advanced "relief mapping". this article blowz!

and yeah. the best HDR lighting ive ever seen in any game is in Halo 3 (which explains why it runs at a laughable 640p. the HDR is too good I guess...)

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