What Sony does next is critical to its future in games

Gamers are slow to forgive. Many own a PlayStation 3 today because they were angry at Microsoft for letting them down when the Xbox 360 suffered from a huge number of breakdowns, due to a manufacturing flaw that led to overheating.

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Muerte24942781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

PS2 had a similar situation like the RROD situation Microsoft had. Sony handle theirs differently than Microsoft though. Sony isssued a recall because the power brick in the slim designs were catching fire. Real gamers know that anyone can be hacked and it was Sony's bad luck that it was them first. They also know that Geohotz is the one to blame for publishing PS3's masterkey on his website.
Actually Geohotz is the one sole to blame in my opinion and who ever leak the ps3 masterkey. He was the reason linux was removed and now why psn is down. The difference is Microsoft screwed gamers over, not Sony. Hackers screwed ps3 gamers over twice. If the were an American company (Microsoft) people would be alot more sympathetic. They wouldn't be so quick to paint Microsoft to such an unflattering light.

iamnsuperman2781d ago

I do wander about you statement to nationality is interesting. It could be possible.....OT: if they get it fixed then nothing will happen. All this thing about a free game is ridiculous. They probably give a mini out but I don't think they should go high than that. I would rather have the security working well. I will trust them as many trusted Microsoft with there RROD.

LOGICWINS2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

A free game is overkill, but $10-20 PSN credit would be appropriate.

Better yet, they can go the cheaper route. Give everyone a free month of Netflix.

Focker4202781d ago


Most games on PSN are $10-$15, how is that overkill when you are suggesting giving out $20 credit??

Oh and you already get a free 1 month trial to Netflix, you just have to cancel your account before the end of the 1st month or they'll start billing you.

sdtarm2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I agree with muerte,

articles stating that this outage is Sony's RROD are plain stpid and retarded, RROD is a hardware issue that came with every single xbox manufactured until 2010, it means that during 5 years they continued shipping the same faulty product, no matter how many xboxs you buy, for how much time you had it you were always at risk of having it, affecting every single consumer.

It is true that the PSN outage affects every single consumer but is the outage gonna last forever? doubt it - are the hackers still gonna have THE POSSIBILITY(cuz its not even confirmed they did it) of having access to our data? for some reason sony shut down PSN, scheduled a full investigation and rebuilt their network -

The outage is an inconvenience of a service offered by Sony that they control, fix and give to their consumers, as long as I know gamers still can play their games and they dont have nor they will have to go and ask for a new PS3 to play them

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Elimin82780d ago

"If the were an American company (Microsoft) people would be alot more sympathetic. They wouldn't be so quick to paint Microsoft to such an unflattering light."

So true...

inveni02780d ago

I think this outage shows how sick and disgusting some gamers can be. Blaming a victim for being a victim is wrong. It's like (though not on the same level as) telling a girl that she got raped because her skirt was too short. It's twisted thinking, and anyone blaming Sony for this incident should be punched in the throat. Sony could have been a little more public when they started investigating the issue, but this is really the first time anything like this has ever happened. So I'm giving them a guinea pig pass.

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b_one2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

It is happening, look at US Gaming sites, they lick MS even if there is no exclusive games on X360, they criticize ps3 on every aspect...

i mean number of news about Kinect, Xbox articles etc... news-media rush

Loner2781d ago

Yet they give PS3 games Game of the Year.Strange

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b_one2780d ago


For Sony in most cases it is better :)

Maddens Raiders2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

and overall it really isn't that bad, but yes the title is hyperbolic and the links to the PSN outage, RROD, and the "the possible derailment of Sony's future in gaming," are overblown and over the top.

These two issues are not linked. The PSN hack has nothing to do with the build quality and failure rate of PS3's & if Sony gets this thing back online bigger, better, and more robust (security-wise) than it was before w/ free perks, you'll see the trust return and this faux hysteria disappear.

edit:/ Kaz just needs to get out in front of this thing and lay their (SNE) cards on the table to show transparency and help usher in a return to normalcy in the minds of their loyal and future patrons, post haste. Sunday May 1st cannot come soon enough.

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XRider2780d ago

How did MS screw gamers? they replaced all RROD consoles for free and then gave a 3yr warranty. I don't remember Sony ever doing anything like that when the PS2 was crapping out on everyone.

fedexas2780d ago

Look how long it took for them to admit RROD was an issue and then get back to me. If this situation happened to XBox Live and Microsoft, we wouldn't see so many flamebait articles in the first place.

Like I said, the media is using this issue as a scapegoat to get at Sony, as usual.

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shoddy2780d ago

nice try.
I bet Sony will give me more games and free online.

I don't care if Sony loose a billion.

DeeZee2781d ago

I really think people are blowing this out of proportion. The truth is, by the time the holiday rush comes, most gamers will have forgotten about that time PSN was down. Some of these articles (not talking about this one) make it seem like PS3s are exploding and kicking babies. It's only PSN...

tombraiders2780d ago

I agree with you dude, its just some people really aren't as smart and relaxed as you. I'm afraid some people can't except being deprived of their presious COD for a couple of weeks.

yoshiroaka2780d ago

Exploding and kicking babies LOL!!

But yea i agree, its just a temporary halt on service. Not like a massive hardware failure or permanant shutdown of psn. It will be back up soon and better than before.Its annoying but hardly world ending.

tombraiders2780d ago

A good idea would be for PSN to make user vote for a free psn game under $12. That will be a good scheme. They should give all DC Universe Online and free realm subscribers a extra free month as compensation. Playstation Plus should open the Infamous 2 Beta to every member and also give all members $15 to spend on PSN or just MAG for Free with all DLC. Don't tell me that is too much because it's the safest way to ensure that they don't lose any customers to microsoft and people deserve it after being scared about there credit card details or trophies being lost. This is also a good way to avoid getting unnecessary sued.

Blad3star2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Why does every one think that Sony owes us something. The service is free FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I think Sony should just send people this vid for lol

Edit: DK - I dont agree with your analogy. Car B paid for his navigation system so he should expect it to work as with anything that is paid for.

If you have local tv channels which are free and a paid cable service and they both go out would you complain to your local tv service or your cable company?

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yoshiroaka2780d ago

@DK286k or maybe the navigation system is fixed for free by the car manufacturer. Just like PSN would be in a few days.

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yoshiroaka2780d ago

I though you were talking about the statement that the users of PSN needed compensation for the days that the service was down.

But if you were just talking about the right to complain then yes free or not people have a right to complain.
Sometimes complaining is the only was something gets better.

But in this case i think SONY is working as fast as they can and complaining wont make it any faster. In fact it might pressure them to rush it out and make the final product worse.

All we can really do now is wait. Hopefully SONY learns a lesson and does better in the future.

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kreate2780d ago

becuz of the inconvenience. i also think Sony owes us something. literally all psn users.

Kain812780d ago

some so called journalists are is one of them

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