WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 Hands-on

Xbox Evolved has a near final version hands-on of the next iteration of the premiere wrestling franchise, now with a dash of ECW, and a new submission system. You can tell that there is quite a bit of work being done on how the game plays to make it more natural, but also so that it takes some thought, without being overly difficult. Super Star Fighting Styles make their debut, giving a little bit of variety in how you play, each with unique move sets and submissions. You use RB in conjunction with face buttons, usually Y for a lot of these moves, and when you fill up your power meter, you can unleash a more potent attack with your wrestler. So for example, if you were a powerhouse like Kane, once you are built up enough you are virtually unstoppable. If you were a high flyer like Rey Mysterio then you would do some crazy acrobatic move into your opponent. If you play dirty like Randy Orton, you'll be doing eye pokes, crotch slams, and pushing the ref into your opponent. Showmen will do stunts and moves that have a build up to them, getting the crowd going, and many of the wrestlers have more than one kind of style to choose from.

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