All Age Gaming: Dragon Age II Playstation 3 Review

AAG's Khye Davey writes: "Dragon Age II was always going to have a lot of expectation placed on it. After all Dragon Age: Origins received great reviews on all platforms and for good reason. It had a huge number of quests which could see you rack up 100 hours. The characters were varied, well fleshed out and well acted. The combat system gave the option of a hack and slash type affair but with strategic menus to open also. Finally it was also a game that you felt your decisions actually mattered. Say the right things and complete the right quests for people and you could find yourself next a bonfire enjoying some “special time” with them. Piss them off too much and you could find their sword in your stomach. It wasn't a perfect game though, so I crossed my fingers they kept was good and improved on the bad."

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