Mortal Kombat: A Beginners Guide to Bloodshed

Botchweed: "If you caught my Mortal Kombat review earlier this week, then you’ll know I kind of enjoyed it. So did many others in the industry, and with all the buzz around the game, I realised that this may be some peoples first ever encounter with the series."

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EddyD2730d ago

All the fatalities! Sweet.

zeeshan2729d ago

Personally, I really really really REAAALLLYY wana see MKII Kung Lao character. Not just the same clothes but the same fighting stance with all the same fatalities and move! I know Kung Lao is there but it'd be great if they could give us a bonus option :)

Protag222730d ago

Pretty much everything I needed in one place - awesome.

soundslike2730d ago

Forget about enhanced and x-ray until you remember the right times to use a breaker.

If you don't use breakers, you're just going to be killed in two or three combos by someone who's practiced the juggling online. EG: get hit by a 40% combo(no x-ray or enhanced) and hope you can out-damage him, OR play it smart and do a breaker after one of their "easier" juggle starters.

You'll be back down to 1 or 0 bars, but its actually pretty easy to fill the bar up again.