gmrfm Gears of War 3 multiplayer impressions.

Gmrfm takes a look at the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta.

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Cerberus292781d ago

I'm definitely enjoying this much more than Gears 2.

DirtyLary2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Never really played the Gears series. Been giving this beta a go. I've got to say Gears is one of the tougher games to master. Makes cod feel like a childs game compared. Definite skill differences and must have team aspect. Now to find some people to play with.

Cerberus292780d ago

So someone disagrees that I'm enjoying this more than Gears 2? Apparently they know what I enjoy more than I do...

AAACE52781d ago

I kinda agree with some of the stuff he says, but a lot has changed since previous games.

I really didn't like the multiplayer from past games too much, as I would play a set of matches or two and call it quits for a few days or weeks. But for some reason, the multiplayer is fun as hell right now! I am having a hard time making myself stop playing it!

After you run around like a dumb ass for a while getting killed, you realize that sticking together is the key! Everyone wants to do their own thing, but just following someone as back up increases their chances of survival as well as your own. It allows you to play into the tactics of combat and gives you options.

I'll admit, just like most, I started out saying they didn't change much. But once you adapt your play style away from other shooters and accept you have to do things differently, you will have lots of fun here!

The past two games I liked the story, but not the multiplayer. I wish for the collectors edition, they would have a 2nd disc with just the story's from Gears 1 and 2 along with some extra content.

Either way, Gears 3 is a must have for me this year, along with Uncharted 3!

disturbing_flame2781d ago

I find the maps too symetric, Epic chose simplicity to equilibrate and balance the maps but i find it's a lack of ambition.
The maps are in fact very common and they are getting really boring because we assimilate them too quickly. I'm not conviced by the maps for the moment.

The gameplay is cool, new weapons are fun.
The game modes also are really enjoyable even if i think deathmatch are really too fast.
I hoped Epic would change the animations when we run, i feel it very dated now.

Graphics are cool.

iistuii2781d ago

Only play horde, however I've found out one very important thing is to stick together with someone, go off on tour own and your Doomed , great stuff though really enjoying it.

Omar912780d ago

i ususally go by myself when im not playing with friends. I end up doing pretty good. Im enjoying every minute of the beta. its close to my favorite multiplayer, the first one is warhawk. The only complaints i have is the sawed off shotgun can be annoying sometimes. Everything else is so well balanced. I'm not to happy about thrashball or trenches however. my favorite maps have to be checkout and old town being my favorite. The game is extremely addicting and I ended up turning off my xbox at 4 am when i knew i had to work today lol. its that addicting.