New Fallout: New Vegas Title Update Available Now

Gamers deep in the trenches of Nevada have been disappointed recently, when the last patch for the Xbox 360 version of Fallout: New Vegas caused a number of issues. However, hopes are high that the latest update will combat the problems, available to download now from Xbox LIVE.

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DWOM2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Hopefully it'll be fixed soon...

creamsoda2731d ago

lolwut? There's only been one DLC for New Vegas.

Plus this is a patch not a DLC.

DWOM2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

yeah... should've read the title lol... I feel dumb...
(yeah... I edited the comment too lol)

omi25p2731d ago

you should have read the artical...

cdland2731d ago

Wow an Xbox 360 problem on PC news... who cares... it's a brick or red ring... or hacked... lol