Folklore RPGamer review

In the end, Folklore is a true masterpiece. From its graphics and sound, to its masterfully told story, and finally to its addictive combat that is both strategic and hectic, the game is close to flawless. The repetition found in the earlier chapters and the lack of voice work in some key scenes bring it down somewhat, but it is still highly enjoyable. As a final thought, Folklore could be considered a PS3-seller for those in the market for a gamer with a solid storyline with the gameplay to back it up.

Final Score 4.5/5

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Sevir044019d ago

thats the 6ths 9 i've seen for this game. and a slew of 8s and 8.5-8.9s a couple 7s a 6, one 5 and one 4. and that five came from a reviewer who spoke and understood only english and tried to review a game in japanese. wow thats just hilarious. Folklore is a game no one should miss. i think sony is foolish for not hyping this game. if they did. it would have gotten more sales. but i'm sure it'll do well by word of mouth

Baba19064019d ago

the game is amazing. i love the different many colors and a really interesting story. reminds me of silenthill(not the scary part but storylike), meets sherlock, meets fairytale.

CrazzyMan4019d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

it`s sad about poor sales, but it`s great that this game was released on ps3. =)

games like Okami, Ico and SotC also didn`t made big sales, but these games are Great, i think same goes for Folklore.
playstation is unique console, because it gets such amazing games.

Prismo_Fillusion4019d ago

Sounds like an awesome game based on many of the reviews! If I owned a PS3 I'd definitely be picking it up - congrats to those of you who do!

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The story is too old to be commented.