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iamnsuperman3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Sounds very apple like here. Lets just hope they do not come out and say everyone has this problem because that pissed me off when apple said that about their signal issue. It seamed they never really apologised and never accepted any sort of responsibility.

ComboBreaker3740d ago

Sony can say whatever the f*ck Sony wants tomorrow.

JAMurida3740d ago


Idk... Let's just move along and act like we didn't see that, lol.

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Eamon3740d ago

Yeah it is funny that you automatically assume we're Xbox fanboys just because I was confused by such a retarded comment.

But I will follow JAMurida's advise and just move along lol

Dee_913740d ago

i want compensation !
i want tacos!!!

nevimkdojsem23740d ago

@eamon: what's retarded about someone who's not interested in online multiplayer and only plays SP gems like team Ico games? Do you know what's retarded and immature? This: "lolwut?"

t0mmyb0y3740d ago

You will be disappointed ComboBreaker

Eamon3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

nevimkdojsem2. Umm, how do you know he only plays single player games?

This article is about the current predicament of PSN and Sony announcing they will hold a press conference about it.
His comment was completely off-topic that had no relevance and down right looked idiotic. If you can't understand that, then you need to get checked, Mr. Fanboy.

Geez, some weird nerdy kids these days.

B-Real2063740d ago

It's already been pushed back. It will not come out this year :(

thats_just_prime3740d ago

sounds like the psn isnt coming back anytime soon

ziggurcat3740d ago

@ logicwins:

"^^Free pizzas!"

didn't anonymous already do that?

kane_13713740d ago



Bull5hifT3740d ago

They'll Say: it all started with the hobbit claiming he made his ps3 do something funky with Other OS feature, so we had to remove it, then later this thing called PSJailbreak came out but it was expensive, then later this new free one came out but you needed to be a Super Nerd to make a chip... Then this Damn Eazy one came out by Geohot and lotsa peoplez was hacking and getting free games and playing super mario, so we fixed it and sued the hobbit, and the Hard Kore Nerdz Anonomous Wannabes, Tried to Overload Stuff , but then they were bored and found some files and it had sensitive information ,so we Had to Shut The B***H Down.. And this is where were at Now

Sono4213740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Hopefully they will announce that they will bring it back up sooner than expected :)

How does Eamon still have bubbles?

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elmaton983740d ago

They never did but I hope this guy say some thing and when PSN will be back because I wanna play some online game.

SantanaClaus893740d ago

All Kaz has to do is come out and say "RIIIIDGE RACEERRRRRR!!!!!" then leave.

user8586213740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

I just bought a new replacement ps3 and wanted to check out whats new in the store and restore my psn account

rabidpancakeburglar3740d ago

I can't sit about and not correct the fact that you wrote seamed instead of seemed, my inner grammar nazi is screaming

iamnsuperman3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Sorry I do admit my grammar is really bad. I read through my comments before I submit it but some do slip through the cracks

rabidpancakeburglar3740d ago

It's understandable, I do the same but when I see mistakes like that I can't help myself

Legion3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Should that maybe be the spelling Nazi? His grammar was not so poor as his spelling was the issue in his post.

whizyup3740d ago

This is tonight in the US @ 9PM Est 6PM Pst

Megaton3740d ago

That's when UFC 129 starts. GSP vs. Shields > Kaz Hirai.

LOGICWINS3740d ago

@Megaton- ^^Yeah, I'd like to see if I can stream it. I know that its illegal for the uploader to upload PPV content, but I'm not sure if its illegal for average joes to view uploaded content.

sycnation3740d ago

just a thought
im guessing it won't be in english
so how are we going to know what he's saying?

please correct if im wrong...

Soldierone3740d ago

It isn't illegal for you to watch the content, its only illegal for them to provide it.

Also I think the law is under scrutinize anyways. Why cant you stream regular channels? They still show the commercials....

Mikeyy3740d ago



to most people that read this website. nice try though ;)

Hagaf223740d ago

From article
"According to the news release, Hirai will speak at 2:00 p.m. Japan time (9.00pm PST, 12.00am EST, 5.00am BST, 6.00am CET)"

So go ahead an enjoy UFC, then get the news at midnight eastern

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xAlmostPro3740d ago

They'll cover what we know, announce the exact date PSN will be back and then discuss the reimbursement for DC universe players atleast..

My thoughts anyway, i just hope it hurries up so we can get back to online gaming and enjoy some awesome exclusives as well as being hyped for up coming exclusives instead of being stuck in this circle of doom and gloom which we're currently in :D

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Chocoboh3740d ago

Clean up buisness here Sony and than bring us home the crowd next month for E3. Can't wait.

B-Real2063740d ago

crowd???? Do you mean crown??? Which would make more sense.

im-12-years-old3740d ago

No he meant crowd, Sony is going to kidnap everyone at E3 during the Microsoft conference.

Call_me_Ishmael3740d ago

I hope they clear up somethings that the people dont understand and this press conference will just stop those uneducated news stations on reporting total bs,hope to see a date on when we can use the psn again,about the compensation,why would anyone want that but ps+ users,i mean we get it for free

PirateThom3740d ago

I think there's a real chance here for Sony to actually make this up to users. I hope he doesn't just reiterated what is on the blog and actually explains what happened and what they've done about it.

mastiffchild3740d ago

No, more is needed than a retelling of what's available on the normal Sony mouthpieces. We need to know when it's back up, where it's going back up first etc, what measures are in place for compensating Plus and DCU gamers AND what the odds are on anything similar happening again.

Kaz is usually a safe pair of hands for Sony in PR terms but there's real danger here for arrogance and old school Sony slip ups in snatching defeat from the jaws of a great opportunity to cast light on not just the PSN issue but the whole murky world of "gamers" who have a primary game of pissing the rest of us off without concern for future games, gamers or those who make them.

It's a Sony issue, sure, but if he leaves it there he, imho, misses a big chance of showing this is a GAMING issue and one that is best stopped by gamers making the unsocial actions of a large minority among us totally unacceptable by the rest, by the vast majority of us gamers. This crap needs to stop and Sony just shoring up their end is, to me, a bit like brushing this matter under the rug that all gaming and most IT share.

I'm hoping for a bit of a rallying call to be frank.

stuntman_mike3740d ago

I hope he (kaz) does it in a rap style then ends it with a moonwalk off stage.

Mikeyy3740d ago

No, he'll make awkward quips like "it's Ridge RACERRR"

Riiiiiidge Racerrr!

hehehe, I always thought he did a fine job at E3, trenton does fine too.

stuntman_mike3740d ago


or he will come out on stage with a psp go put it on the floor and then pull out a big fuck off sledge hammer and smash the crap out of it then say "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" then dive bomb into the press pit lol.

coryok3740d ago

i hope for some good news, psn being back online soon ... :)