Sony Owns 3D Gaming on Consoles

Sony dominates 3D gaming with multi-platform games offering 3D exclusivity to the PS3. It looks like Sony is dominating the 3D gaming arena but why?

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ComboBreaker2820d ago

but it will become the standard sooner or later. It's just the natural evolution of technology.

After 3D will be hologram. But that's still very far off in the future.

iamnsuperman2820d ago

once 3D tvs become affordable then it will kick off

bageara2820d ago

"After 3D will be hologram. But that's still very far off in the future"

love the way you say that with such certainty but hey you could be right

Tired2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )


Have an HD/3D projector and 3D converter box came to £650.00.

Thats less than I spent on my last tv. It's only 720p but the ps3 can only output 3d bluray at 720p. Games are pretty immersive at 120".

Jumps of buildings turn your stomach, horror games actually make you scream....had to play Dead Space on a normal tv. Play a 3D game and it's better still. Things come out feet from the wall and extend for miles.

Way better than 3d tv. Quite happy to stick with it till the adoption rates drive the price of 1080p projectors down.

rockleex2820d ago

You could buy a 50 inch Panasonic 3DTV for just $1300 these days!

That's $600 less than what I spent on my 52 inch HDTV just a year ago!

elmaton982820d ago

Your right but still, hdtvs are the goal right now

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shades722820d ago

and Sony are leading the charge. Even if Wii 2 has 3D enabled software, Sony's lead will be so great that it won't matter.

coryok2820d ago

sony advertises their 3d products better so developers will put in the extra effort to get the extra advertising. sony has a big return on advertising 3d, microsoft doesnt

Firstkn1ghT2820d ago

3D? No thank you. I don't like how you have to wear glasses that make everything darker. I like my screen vibrant with color.

CrimsonEngage2820d ago

This will all change in the future though. Look at the 3DS. SF4 looks awesome on it. Movies i can tolerate looking at through glasses though because they are only about an hour or two long. When i game i play fro more than that. lol

Tired2820d ago

You really don't notice it after a while. Depends how into the game you are

Ruggadagod2820d ago

Sony always does this. they use other products to sell other products. it's simple economics.

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The story is too old to be commented.