Sony admits they asked for CCV codes from PSN users

Gamersmint: Sony Senior Comm guy, Patrick Seybold has apologized for stating that the company didn’t ask for CCV codes from users while they purchased content from the Playstation Network.

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Karooo2732d ago

somebody should fire this guy.

XabiDaChosenOne2732d ago

The whole PR team that has caused Sony to drop considerable in the stock market should be fired.

fedexas2732d ago

The word you're looking for is considerably. And there's no evidence linking the stock market to the PSN situation, is there?

Soldierone2732d ago

^You mean Sony's stocks didn't plumit at the same time this all happened because of PSN? lol. If it didnt then Sony has a massive issue....

Dante1122732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Ofcourse, how else would you buy stuff if they didn't ask. Glad it isn't stored though.

Ocelot5252732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

some people here should do a freaking google search before commenting and disagreeing (*cough* fedexas *cough*)

forcefullpower2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Blown out of proportion or what!!!!

They already said they don't store the CCV numbers. which is the main question anyone should be wanting the answer too.

You should always be asked for the CCV number when making purchases.

Gamersmint is seriously becoming a shit website with the amount of crap i have seen over the last week.

inveni02732d ago

Of course they ask for it. But PCI regulations state that you aren't allowed to store the number....and Sony didn't. Sony may have gimped out on the PR issue, but when it comes to protection of important financial data, all signs point to them having done due diligence.

Jazz41082731d ago

Either one part of sony does not know what the other part is doing or sony is one of the most dishonest company's saying what it takes at the time and wait for the faalout later. Its one or the other?

gamingdroid2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

"Sony may have gimped out on the PR issue, but when it comes to protection of important financial data, all signs point to them having done due diligence."

You mean how Sony hashed (or encrypted) your password and only kept what they needed? Oh, wait!

We all know, most of us use the same password and username on multiple sites which means, access to email accounts which lead to other more sensitive accounts. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T!

Your Date of Birth is often used to verify accounts... which you are stuck with for life.

I don't know what pre-caution Sony took, but I know enough that they didn't do the most basic thing that even an amateur site probably does.


Are we back at this again? Sony explained what they encrypted already, the credit card table. The data table was NOT encrypted. They lost your password stated in their press release and emails. If it was hashed, the password was NOT LOST!

"Q: Was my personal data encrypted?
A: All of the data was protected, and access was restricted both physically and through the perimeter and security of the network. The entire credit card table was encrypted and we have no evidence that credit card data was taken. The personal data table, which is a separate data set, was not encrypted, but was, of course, behind a very sophisticated security system that was breached in a malicious attack."

Dee_912731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

@gamingdroid just like how you just knew sony didnt encrypt our information ?
I just love how when you get proven wrong you try to find something else to fuel your "its all Sony fault" argument

typeN82731d ago

Again with the english majors always tryin to correct everyones spelling. And whats up with everybodies misunderstanding of the situation. Yes Sony is losing lots of money..we cant play online...our imformation may have been stolen,used and sold..this sucks really what are we gonna i guess were gonna all wait untill psn is back up..and as soon as that happens you call all go back to playin your COD....JK..but serious Cod players play on a ps3 gamer and i dont enjoy cod anymore..been playin lots sp games..its been nice...but do want my lbp back and portal2 coop

nickjkl2731d ago

omg are you guys stupid how else would you buy things from a store without credit card verification

its not for sony to store its for the banks to verify the card is valid so the transaction can proceed like im starting to think gamers or the media are dumber than i think

gamingdroid2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

I have proven time and time again through official information provided by no other than Sony.

If you disagree tell me why, but in private discussion with you, we already confirmed you don't have the technical competence.

You are more interrested in deflecting discussion for your agenda and not the truth.

Clearly the passwords wasn't hashed, Sony has pretty much outright said so, otherwise it wouldn't have been considered lost!

Dmarc12731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

@Gamingdroid thanks for taking my bubbles on my other account So I had to make this one temporarily
1. You have me blocked so you know I cant send you a pm specifically swore that the passwords and cc info wasnt encrypted
"Sony sort of deserved a lawsuit for negligence.

"Birmingham, Alabama resident Kristopher Johns has filed a lawsuit against Sony for failing to “protect, encrypt, and secure the private and sensitive data of its users.”"

""I said it before and I'm saying it now, standard practice (and essentially common sense now a days) tell you to hash the password with a salt. If you have to have the original password stored, then encrypt the password with private-public key-pair and guard that private key with your life. That said, there is no reason Sony should keep the original password. NONE!

That is web programming 101! If it was hashed or the private key was kept private, your password wouldn't be in the hands of hackers right now.

In this case, Sony was negligent, more than 70 millions of peoples information and needs to be sued to send a message to ACT RESPONSIBLY! """

"It has been replied to your past post about this that it wasn't hacked through Xbox Live, but a third party domain hosting provider. Nothing to do with MS security (not that it is that great anyhow).

Yes, and did anyone loose their "unencrypted" password and credit card details?

3. You were blaiming Sony for this even before the news about the cc info being infiltrated .. You never replied with a answer as to why you were blaiming them prior because you had no reason
you just used that dumb " rapist defense" saying crap like

""Bottom line Sony is responsible for their network. It's as if a bank got robbed, had in-adequate security and then blamed the thief!

Sure, the thief is part of the problem, but ultimately Sony is responsible. ""

which make absolutely no sense at all.

now your going on about the data table not being encrypted

You do realize that hackers cant DO ANYTHING with the data table right ?

""I have proven time and time again through official information provided by no other than Sony. ""


yea thats very official information from sony friend

btw your not making me mad at all when you tell me I dont have any technical competence because I dont go to school for this. Im using basic knowledge and common sense
yea you can call me sony fanboy even tho I had a xbox before I had a ps3 continue calling me a sony fanboy when forza 4 come out and I buy a xbox

DragonKnight2731d ago

Don't bother trying to reason with the droid. He's been on Sony's case since this all happened even though logic and common sense places the blame squarely on the hackers.

gamingdroid2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

First of all, I have NEVER taken any bubble or even clicked disagree. I'm not that petty. I told you that if you keep replying with distractions I would block you. I have already been very patient with you.

Do you have any proof to show that Sony encrypted or hashed the passwords?

As I pointed out that link to you from the official Playstation blog detailing what information was lost. If the information was lost, it was not hashed! Plain and simple. They clearly stated what was encrypted, credit card information table. Data table was left unencrypted.

If Sony didn't encrypt your data, they are negligent.

I have been very patient, so if you have a reply showing Sony said we encrypted/hashed the user data or even alluding to it then post it here instead of diverting the focus on irrelevant things to cover it all up to meet your agenda.

PS, I like how you didn't show the part of the message showing your lack of knowledge and ignorance thereafter.

Dmarc12731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

LOOOL yea i suppose i just get the same amount of disagrees every time right before you reply to me
Ive been on here for years and as soon I started debating with you I lose bubbles
And I wasnt even commenting on anything else at the time
ANYWHO im not getting into it because I cant prove you did anything .. I guess its all coincidence

"Do you have any proof to show that Sony encrypted or hashed the passwords? "

Do you have any proof that it wasnt ? or is

"if the information was lost, it was not hashed! Plain and simple."

suppose to be Solid proof just like all the crap you were saying about the cc and passwords not being encrypted ?because that obviously proved to hard cold facts /s

""As I pointed out that link to you from the official Playstation blog detailing what information was lost. If the information was lost, it was not hashed! Plain and simple. They clearly stated what was encrypted, credit card information table. Data table was left unencrypted.

If Sony didn't encrypt your data, they are negligent. ""

Your saying this is what Sony was saying when they were making the security on PSN

Sony- Hey lets just encrypt this important information and leave all the other important information unencrypted because we are all incompetent and suck at our professions "

I dont need hardcore facts
I can use common sense like Ive been doing the whole time about this situation

right now we are 1-0 in the common sense battle
You have 0 .. by the way

what agenda are you talking about lol !?
you mean my " its all sony fault" agenda
Im sorry I dont have one.

"PS, I like how you didn't show the part of the message showing your lack of knowledge and ignorance thereafter. "

Yea why didnt I post that .. it was obviously needed to prove my point /s

@ Dragonknight
I cant man its too much fun lol
Do you see how he try to twist things around like making it seem like I have some sort of agenda because I said hes spreading lies to fuel his argument ? or " agenda"
or pointing out my lack of knowledge and common sense because I pointed out his lack of knowledge and common sense ?

LOL i know I cant be the only one noticing these things

""I have been very patient, so if you have a reply showing Sony said we encrypted/hashed the user data or even alluding to it then post it here instead of diverting the focus on irrelevant things to cover it all up to meet your agenda. ""

wait so what exactly isnt encrypted ?
1st it was the credit card and psn passwords
2nd it was the credit card data table not being encrypted
now its the user data not being encrypted ...

What user data exactly?

Biggest2731d ago

Sony didn't have to admit using CCV codes. To be honest, I'm a little pissed that they STOPPED using them. What's the point of not using the "I have this card in my hand" number? I like when cashiers ask for my I.D. card. I like when websites ask for my CCV. I don't want some random moron with my number written on a piece of paper to force me to call my bank when I don't feel like it.

Thugbot1872731d ago

Maybe I'm the only one here but I'm starting to see a pattern, PR team incompetence, PSN network team incompetence, upper management in handling the situation incompetence.

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ilikestuff2732d ago

patrick, clean out your locker cause your fucking fired! (freddy got fingered) there are jobs where its cool to look the other way, if you work at the movie theater, fast food place, department stores, ect. this on the other hand is not one of them

SuperM2732d ago

It really doesnt matter since they dont store the CCV codes. There is no reason why he should intentionally lie about it, its just an honest misstake.

For everyone getting upset about this just read the article. There is nothing to be upset about.

rdgneoz32732d ago

You actually think anyone reads the article before commenting these days?

And yes, if they read the article, they'd noticed that you were asked for it but it wasn't actually stored.

JD_Shadow2732d ago

Then you completely missing the point here!

He told people that they didn't ask for them to begin with when they actually did! The matter about storing them is after the fact. He lied, intentionally or not, to the people asking him the question.

If he lied about this, then what else about this situation are they not being truthful about?

It's a matter of keeping your story straight and being honest with your customers, and he didn't do that and things would've been ten times different if he would've just been truthful and/or knew what the hell he was talking about! He obviously doesn't know how to do either from this!

hay2732d ago

Wasn't it obvious? They said they don't store CCV, and credit card details are encrypted. But using your CC, you need to enter it along with your details to perform transaction.
People are hardly thinking theese days.

DaTruth2732d ago

"He lied, intentionally or not, to the people asking him the question."

You can't lie unintentionally; lying can only be done intentionally! Lying unintentionally is called making a mistake!

Trebius2732d ago

datruth speaks datruth

Dee_912731d ago

lol @ lying unintentionally

ziggurcat2731d ago



it's not a lie if it's a simple slip of the tongue, so you can stop being a stupid troll now.

JackBNimble2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

and yet the ccv still was never stored as they stated to begin with... hackers don't have it.

Legion2731d ago


Commenting on something you have no knowledge on is lieing. Regardless of if you intentionally new the information was true or false or if you were just saying something that sounded like what should be said.

Some one asks me what the square root of the speed of light is... I tell them 2.6, am I lieing or did I make a mistake due to the fact that I just had no idea and assumed it was correct?

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Dante1122732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

The guys up top might just be trying to start stuff again. A few were saying that hackers couldn't hack Xbox Live in other articles relating to the PSN situation.

Soldierone2732d ago

If these hackers get away or just get a slap on the wrist...expect more major networks to fall. Live, Amazon, Yahoo, maybe even Google.

People think "oh Sony's security was fail" yeah no. There are basics, Sony makes billions of dollars and a good portion of that is from PS brands. You dont think they hired and paid for good security.

Legion2731d ago

Do I think they hired and paid for good security?

Obviously not good enough if it didn't work.

As for XBox Live being hacked..? Totally possable... anything can be hacked but the question is what information can they get once they get in, and if they do breach security then what procedures are setup to minimalize any damage?

Seeing a broken window in my store and just assuming nothing important got stolen because I don't immediately know what was or wasn't accessed shouldn't prevent me from contacting proper authorities and trying to make sure I do the right things. Boarding up the hole and hiding myself in the store looking around for a week makes me look like I have no clue how to run a business.

xAlmostPro2732d ago

!) they aren't stored. 2) i wasn't asked for mine? don't know if thats a sony EU thing..

3) guy should be fired either way

gamingdroid2731d ago

Caught in a mistake... erm lie! However, you owned up to it and apologized, that is good enough for me.

That is actually a hallmark of a good PR guy. Owe up to your mistakes, because the public can detect BS a mile away and you only need one person to tell the rest.

ziggurcat2731d ago


he didn't lie about anything, fool.

but keep on trying to spin it in that direction, if you want... whatever makes you happy/feeds your troll energy.

frostypants2731d ago

Of COURSE they asked for CCV codes when you made a purchase. That's standard procedure. That does not mean they stored them.

ps3destroyer2731d ago

Well seems Sony should be fired generally not just this guy.

TBM2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

You know a lot of people are acting retarded throughout this whole thing. Of course they have to ask for that 3 digit code because without that you can't make any type of purchase online.

When I buy stuff from best buy, amazon, any company that has an online store you need that code to complete the purchase.

So no one needs to be fired over this.

Also I was asked for this code to when I had xboxx live.

XRider2731d ago

a-hole loser jerk off hackers + stupid greedy corporation = PS3 owners screwed.

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crematory2732d ago

people defending SONY like their family!!
disagree as much u can Sony fucked up really hard

fedexas2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

And yet people are bashing Sony like they killed their family members or something. Go figure.

Maybe everyone should join together and get some pitchforks./s

Jumping the gun *yet* again. Its seems to me that the guy misspoke and was an innocent mistake. I'm not surprised, considering the hell Sony's going through regarding this situation.

Robearboy2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

A situation that they themselves let happen, yes we all know that Hacking is wrong and immoral but the simple fact is - we do have hackers so it the companies responsibilty to ensure that shit like this doesnt happen, I keep on hearing the metaphor "dont blame the bank for the bank robbers" but this bank forgot to install CCTV and an alarm.

People have the right to be worried that all of their details could be in the wrong hands, even the most avid fanboy can not disagree with this, would you all be defending Sony if you get your credit card statement and see that its been maxed out by some retard or you get a statement through the post demanding money for a car that you havent purchased

radphil2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )


Except here lies in the problem. People overblowing this WAY out of sheer proportion.

It's how fedeaxas stated earlier, about people acting as if they had a family member killed from all this.

I went through with SECU when the whole info hack happened with them which was just as bad cause thousands were affected. Did not see a single person demanding blood out of the vast number of people that had to be informed about it.

Why all of a sudden here people go on a vindictus run here? I just keep seeing it only on this site.

Yes they messed up. Yes the hackers are also to blame, but you'd think given with the sheer amount of crap that's going on around this site it's as if they were 100% to blame, and didn't employ anyone to follow up on this.

fedexas2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I do not always defend Sony on certain things but you cannot deny that this is going way too far. You know what I think? Yes, personal information should have been encrypted, but the real criminals in this dilemma are the hackers. Period, end of story. There is no reason why the media should give the hackers a free pass and go after the victim.

We were the victims in this, but Sony is suffering the most as a company because their reputation is in shambles. I'm being reasonable here, considering that these hackers deliberately placed gamers/PS3 fans in the middle of this situation with Sony and the media is not giving them as much heat as they're giving Sony.

I'm just like anyone else-I want PSN to come back online. But I will not join the hate wagon when I can use logic to understand what's going on here.

Like radphil said here, the media *is* blowing this out of proportion. Yes, this is a serious matter. But I imagine that if this was any other company, the situation would blow over within a week or so.

EDIT: Some people are defending Sony because this is going way too far. This is an opportunity for Sony to make their security much stronger this time around. I doubt this will ever happen again, considering they're getting top experts to work with them.

I also like how anyone who tries to use logic is considered an extreme fan or something.

Robearboy2732d ago

Oh I agree its been blown well out of proportion, i just cant fathom as to why people want to defend Sony so much, they fucked up and it happens. Read an earlier comment on mine and you will see that i think the hackers did this to piss off Sony, not for stealing purposes

radphil2732d ago

On a side note they really need to do something about this "agree/disagree" system going on.

With the 3 of us just discussing on this, everyone else is just plugging away at the numbers below us.

It seems like people are just using it more as a cop out instead of actually discussing how they feel. =|

JD_Shadow2732d ago

"Yes, personal information should have been encrypted, but the real criminals in this dilemma are the hackers. Period, end of story. There is no reason why the media should give the hackers a free pass and go after the victim." one in the media is actually DOING this, though! I don't understand what you're reading to make you think that anyone actually IS! You think that by anyone calling out Sony, that they are absolving hackers of any fault? If you do, then you really have an issue there.

That and I've never seen even one reputable media outlet, or anyone on this site, who hasn't acknowledged the hacker situation as a bad thing (at least the hackers that do shit like what happened last week), or has condoned it.

Not sure why you're trying to exemplify a point that we've gotten the first ten million times it's been said. We get it! We're talking PAST that point now! As in: how could this guy get through the gates so easily?

But, of course, to have someone seriously try to answer that question, we need to get the people who say stuff like what you said to understand that by giving Sony some of the blame here, we're not letting this hacker off the hook in any sort of way. Sadly, no one on N4G will ever DO that!

JayD-1K2732d ago

i have a question, was the information that was accessed the same information you can find in a phone book? a Google search of a random name? one of the many people info finders?

HolyOrangeCows2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

"people defending SONY like their family!!"

You don't expect people to retaliate to the stupidity of Gamersmint saying that Sony "admits" to following all regulations and not storing the codes, the safest route?

Banks can't always prevent robberies; sometimes robberies bring bring guns and the right explosives to break a safe. And companies can't always prevent hackers; sometimes hackers do these sort of things professionally, probably thinking they could get CC info unencrypted. We can blame Sony all day, but they were robbed. No matter how much security you implement, there's always a way around it, no matter how difficult or not; Enough robbers and explosives can steal from a bank safe, enough hackers with enough extensive knowledge can hack into pretty much anything.

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coryok2732d ago

sony didnt mess up, theyre as much a victim as you and i are. no ones happy about this, but everyone seems to be blaming sony when the people who broke into their security are the ones to blame: its impossible to have a completely secure network, with enough time anything can be broken into

kingdavid2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

No its sony's priority and duty by law to have security levels which keep your personal information safe under any circumstance. If MS can do it, steam can do it - any large company can do it. Sony is keeping 70 million people's information and these hackers have proved the gaping holes in sony's lack of care for security.

For example, i go overseas and lock all my doors but leave a window open. If I come back and see Ive been robbed, clearly its the robber's fault that the law has been broken obviously but its through my negligence that the robbery occured. We can only accept what we can control.

xAlmostPro2732d ago


Yes that's a companies duty, however hackers hack to break such systems and bypass security.

Microsoft has been hacked, mastercard was hacked, the governments been hacked. Fact is it doesn't matter what type of security is in place there is always a loophole somewhere and it's just a case of when somebody will find it.

You can predict when you'll come under attack either.

P.S know what your talking about out of the 70+million accounts only around half of those are active with full details store on them

loganremy2732d ago

we don't know anything about sony's security, or how easy it was to get hack into. no security is a 100% secure. any hacker skilled enough can still get in with time and patience. while sony should take some of the blame. the person who broke in should carry the most of it. but it seem some people wants sony to carry all the burden. while the hacker/s are namsd blameless in their eyes

kingdavid2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

You guys need to get out of sony's ass seriously.

I love sony as a company but theyve f'ed up plain and simple and theyll be the first to admit that. I guess we will find out more tomorrow during the press conference.

@Almostpro - Yes they have been hacked before but none of them hacked so badly that millions of people have been affected. Not on this scale. The fact that the hackers got access to ALL and every PSN account information at one time is worrying and demonstrates a major loophole in the system..

wicko2731d ago

Hacked as badly? You really think they couldn't do the same thing to Live? Or Steam? Please. The only thing Sony did wrong was not encrypt addresses/names and the amount of time it took to warn people of what happened.

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ComboBreaker2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

YOu angry, mannnnn.

Yelling and screaming at Sony like you actually own a PS3 or something.

Crazy mofo. LOL.

crematory2732d ago

psn :zeeka29may

member since 2007 kid

Senden2732d ago

Crematory is right, some crazy hardened fanboys here. Sony could release an update which bricks every single ps3 connected to the internet yet you'd all still be here saying it's an honest mistake. Wake up from your little bubble of sony happiness for once will you fanboys?

No people aren't acting like they've Sony killed off people's family members, that's just how you perceive anyone bashing your wonder company. In terms of the WORST possible thing that would realistically happen to the ps3 and it's users this ranks in the top 5. People's privacy is one of the most important things on the internet.

Also there is still no proof credit card details haven't been stolen. Hackers good enough to pull this off aren't dumb. Why would they sell the card details so soon when people are looking? Wait until the whole fiasco dies down then sell them on. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if within six months we start hearing stories of credit card fraud.

TotalPS3Fanboy2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Claiming he have seen the light, and trying to get "blinded" PS3 gamers to follow him.

Unfortunately dude, for you to be able to lead the PS3 gamer group, you must have leadership skills.

PS - PS3 gamers are a smart bunch. They ain't just gonna follow some fellow on the internet who claim to have seen the light after waking up from some imaginary bubble.

Shadow Flare2732d ago

"Sony could release an update which bricks every single ps3 connected to the internet yet you'd all still be here saying it's an honest mistake"

Question: why the hell would Sony purposely brick every single ps3 connected to the Internet??? They would lose so much money and consumer confidence. And don't say they'll make loads of money from people buying new ps3's because Sony don't make much money from the hardware sold, it's the software sold they make the mass of money. If ever that did happen, I'd be the first to say sony owes us compensation, however I certainly wouldn't think Sony bricked millions of ps3's on purpose.

Think before you type, you make yourself look really stupid

Imalwaysright2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

@ Shadow flare you dare call other people stupid and you didnt even realize that Senden's comment was about sony fanboys blind loyalty and how in their eyes Sony is perfect and can do no wrong. That was nothing more than a supposition. In the future follow your own advice fool.

Shadow Flare2731d ago

Nice. What I'm saying is stupid is senden's idea that Sony would release an update which bricked every ps3. He claims that ps3 fanboys would still be saying "it was an honest mistake from Sony". Of course it would be an honest mistake on sonys part! As if they'd brick every ps3 on purpose! Think it through next time senden. Do you realise how detrimental it would be if Sony did that? So "ps3 fanboys" reasoning that it would be an honest mistake would be the correct line of reasoning. Because Sony would never do that on purpose. Ergo, I dared to call him stupid. Don't lose sleep over it. That's not the worst insult that's ever been said

Imalwaysright2731d ago

Youre arguing over a supposition, an hypothesis on how sony fanboys would react if their beloved piece of plastic was bricked by Sony. Its not meant to be true, real or reasonable its just a way to convey his/her point. Your Sony defense shields are waaaaaay to sensitive dude. You might want to check that out because i think they were hacked too.

Shadow Flare2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

It was a stupid supposition to make. Like I said before, if Sony bricked every console, I would ask for compensation. I don't think anybody is seriously THAT fanboy enough to deny Sony does no wrong. Sonys security should probably have been better. Though how do you stop a determined hacker. PS3's web browser sucks. Sonys not perfect, and no one thinks they are. But you know what, I do think as company's go, overall they are a good company that treat their consumers better then some other companies. And I've experienced that for over 15 years with playstation. They've earned my loyalty for good reason. They are a good company and they make good products. Not a perfect company, but better then the rest in my opinion. There are many things to admire about nintendo and microsof, but I like sonys approach to gaming far more then nintendo's or microsofts's. Sue me

I could easily throw it back to the people who support the hackers. To them hackers are the do no evil freedom fighters, fighting for us against the evil corperation Sony. Hackers do no wrong apparently. Sony does everything wrong apparently. Well the stance I'm taking is to accuse the thief not the victim. And I couldn't care less for the people who support the thief

Perhaps senden should look in the mirror from time to time. He accuses sony fanboys of claiming Sony is perfect, yet I've never seen him say one nice thing about Sony ever, it's always an attack. It takes two to tango, and your dancing stinks of hypocrisy.

Have a good day

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cyborg2732d ago

agree more with you. Sony's made some terrible mistakes over the past week and everyone who turns a blind eye to them, is overlooking things.

It'll take a lot from them to regain the faith of its customers and win them back. This is the biggest problem that they've faced since the launch of the PS3 and the least they would do is hire competent PR people who can confirm things on their own rather than being reminded about them by some blog.

This kind of mistakes, intentional or accidental won't help their cause at all.

Dee_912731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

if this is how you defend your fammily i feel sorry for them lol

mistakes like what ?

Sevir042731d ago

Robear boy, How did they fuck up? really, you make it look as if other companies dont have their infrastructure attacked. you make it seem as if sony Just said hey its hacked. screw the fans screw our customers let them have it!

You aren't being reasonable! they are the victims. That's like saying a woman fucked up because she got raped by a rapist! their infrastructure was sound enough, It was simply blindsided by people clearly out there to put miss fortune on The consumers and the company! You carry on as if Sony did some huge disservice to you when we all know they are working around the clock to have this issue resolved.

Its a shame that the people who are the victims, Us and Sony are being blamed for this when the fault is wholly owned by the hackers that have another agenda against a company who's been providing a great experience in video gaming industry! Really. they are getting a free pass while we all suffer and you blame Sony like this was something they predicted would happened and just let it transpire!