News about Nintendo Wii

A unknowen Journalist-Team revealed an early preview of a magazine which will be released at the mid of september.
There are some interesting informations about Nintendos newest console and about the Games Convention in Germany.

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CAPS LOCK5376d ago

i want mario and zelda and super smash bros on my wii he he

ChickeyCantor5375d ago

that is soo cool, the patching thing sounds really cool.

ChickeyCantor5375d ago

oblivion can be emulated on Wii?
like i told allot of ppl Wii isnt weak!

Daewoodrow5374d ago

I don't know... Oblivion emulated on the Wii? I'd have to see it first.

bfchickenchaser5374d ago (Edited 5374d ago )

I think that article sounded fake. I know the mario strikers and battalion wars was real news but i just couldn't believe they'd put oblivion on wii (especially with the new elder scrolls coming out < 1 year.)

Oblivion on wii? I'm sure it won't look as good as it does on 360 *wii doesn't support hi-def* but that would be really really cool if it happens. Oblivion is my favorite 360 game and Morrowind was the most epic xbox game ever. I'm Surprised a $170 console could play such a "beautiful" game.

ChickeyCantor5374d ago

that also means Wii doesnt have allot of stress on the calculations so why not ?
the man stated it him self: "the wii do not have the power of the next generation consoles but we mustn't underestimate the Wii, it has enough power to run oblivion without any problems.

wakkiwakko5374d ago

HD isn't a standard yet! I can't see why PS3 is so expensive when HD isn't the norm. :P PS3 should've been PS4 and PS2.5 should've been another x360. High End graphics. Good online support. Decent games. Cheap. Accusable. Why did Sony go all out? I don’t know. I don’t see why they should’ve. Expensive consoles are one thing, but adding features that will become a standard in the next five years is another. I know future proofing is great and all, but when PS3 becomes a console of everyone’s dreams we’ll have xHD wiiHD and they will have brand spanking new graphics that will make PS3 look obsolete.

PS4 will then come out with amazing graphics. And it will cost more.

ChickeyCantor5374d ago

will bring giant enemy fish-thingy's

after 5 years when nintendo anounced a nother will have the gfx power of the PS3 and xbox......cozz then it will be cheaper to make such a gfx hardware.
not only nintendo will stay in the 170~250 dollars range, but idiotitc fanboys from sony or microsoft will bash it cozz it has ( atleast over 5 years) current gen gfx ( talking about the Ps3 and xbox360 gfx)