130°'s Weekly Round-Up: Sony Endangers Your Credit Cards's summary of this past week in video game news. We sink our teeth into Sony's attack, as hackers sink their teeth into users credit card info. We've also got some previews for some upcoming titles from Sega, more on the Final Fantasy pack, and of course-some fancy pants.

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Bordel_19002732d ago

It seems the credit card information was encypted, according to Sony. In what way did Sony endanger our credit cards? Wouldn't it be the hackers endangering our cc's if Sony has acceptable security in place?

Just asking. Does this site have detailed information about Sony's PSN security and what the hackers actually have in posession?

solidworm2732d ago

I didnt click on the source link due to the inescapable fact that its all been said,75% of it being lies and that i will wait for Sonys conference tommorrow to get the real low down.These sites are boring me.

Tired2732d ago

I found very little 'truth'.

Gaming truth my arse.

xfrgtr2732d ago :lolololol

rezzah2732d ago

Stick to PSN cards, can't go wrong.

Besides it's not like you have to pay taxes twice (card then online game), my bro thought this was the case.

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