Bit-Tech's Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

Bit-Tech writes: Bioware has made a lot of noise about how it has infused a series of deep, immersive, epic stories into its upcoming long-ago and far-away MMO – and how those stories set The Old Republic apart from any other MMO. The stories that The Old Republic tell will keep players engaged and involved in a genre which all too often comes down to collecting nerf livers and skipping dialog text.

Well, supposedly, anyway. Our opinion of The Old Republic, formed over two solid days of playing, is that it’s one of the most boring titles we’ve ever had to endure. It’s plain and staid and deathly dull. It’s both exactly the same as every other MMO we've played, but at the same time so much worse because it promises so much more.

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a08andan3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Well the problem with MMO's in general is that they are based on the character gaining levels. That forces a certain type of game-play and questing for experience onto the game. Sad to see that no one dares to be different.

Solid_Snake-3696d ago

iw ill still be getting this. if we all lived off other peoples opinions then we would be playing call of duty all day long.