Bitmob | Playing chicken with a ghost in Burnout Paradise

A visitor to Paradise City runs into a dilemma when he decides to play chicken on the highway.

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choadley2727d ago

Burnout exists as a dream, like the ending of St. Elsewhere.

Tolkoto2727d ago

I really wish I didn't trade this game in.

egidem2727d ago

It's available on the PSN (before it went down) for $19.99. I wish I were online right now playing the hell out of this game.

DaBadGuy2727d ago

Shouldn't have watched the PSA. It's like Santa Claus just killed my puppy, put him in my toybox and buried him under my swingset, which he farted on.

In other words, it was a real bummer.

Blaine2727d ago

But the one texting is the only one who survives... I'm getting mixed messages here.

ThatArtGuy2727d ago

This game is *still* awesome.

soundslike2727d ago

Every game/movie ever gets the "dream" analogy attached to it eventually...

guess what?

9.999.998 times out of a million they're wrong

unless its Silent Hill 2 or Mulholland Drive, of course.

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