Americas Weekly Chart < Week Ending 23rd Apr 2011 >

The week's top-selling games ranked by unit sales

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chidori6662732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

not really,both MAG and Confrontation had a better launch open day in Americas.

I hope Zipper enjoys their new community of cod noob players.

Lets go back to the roots with S5!
Or give is S2 HD zipper.

earbus2732d ago

Yes impressive numbers.

Stealth20k2732d ago

very fake vg chartz numbers. Its already been confirmed to be undertracking the 3ds and ps3. What else is new

AWBrawler2732d ago

3DS is doing good even by vgchartz fake ass standards

Shnazzyone2732d ago

Wow, amazing ps3 mk is still outselling 360 despite no online whatsoever. I credit Kratos.