Bitmob | 4 kid-sized killers in video games

When video games let you play as children, there's gonna be blood. These titles prove it.

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Tolkoto2728d ago

Too bad none of them have as much personality as that little girl from Kick Ass.

bobrea2728d ago

Too bad listening to Hope bitch about everything for the first few hours of that game was unbearable. I still need to go back and finish at some point but it just.....wasn't that good. An alright game, but I was pretty disappointed. I DID just get a new TV though so I need to see how it looks. OK, I'm off to play some FF13, thanks article.

UP2728d ago

Hope has god tier magic near the end.

ReservoirDog3162728d ago

Haha, his mom did* die in front of him you know. That's at least a good reason for people to cry for about 15 hours.

MaxXAttaxX2728d ago

He wasn't crying about his mom for 15 hours. He was whining about Snow for 15 hours.

ReservoirDog3162728d ago

Haha, well, that snow killed his mom. Or caused her death. Still, free pass I say.

bobrea2728d ago

I understand that, but listening to him whine for hours on end was still a drag. But I forgot how amazing that game looks, it was a nice showoff for the new TV.