GAMER-0 # 67: You Know You're A Fanboy When...

T-Hill writes: Fanboy a term thrown around so much since the start of this gen but do you really know what makes up a fanboy....from what I've seen the answer is NO. I'm here to set things straight because it looks like a lot of people like to direct the term fanboy at all the wrong people. Another interesting question is do you know the proper vernacular for the different types of fanboys, well your boy T-Hill is going to kick you some knowledge right here.

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BeardedGamerShow2726d ago

I must live under a rock, I'd never heard those terms other than Xbot.

rabidpancakeburglar2726d ago

I've heard of a wii-tard but what in gods name is a playslay? I think he just made that up


No silly it's not Playslay it's Playslave. You know like Playstation Slave...Playslave. Get it, I've seen it a lot.