Sony Slashes Price of PlayStation 3 in the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal confirms that Sony is slashing $100 off the starting price of PS3 in the U.S. by introducing a 40GB model. IDC analyst Billy Pidgeon predicted the move would invigorate PS3 sales this holiday season, though a bigger impact is likely to occur next year when a stronger lineup of titles including Metal Gear Solid 4 will be available for PS3.


The Wall Street Journal website requires subscription. The full article is reposted in the PS3 forum. Reuters and other sources are also reporting the new 40GB PS3 model in the U.S. See Alternative Sources below.

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Maddens Raiders4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

Get your popcorn ready....the PS3 is on the move.

BulletToothtony4021d ago

he's right about the more the price goes the same percentage sales will go up.. he was right on the $100 price cut earlier this year, lets hope he's right on this one..

cause if he is we're gonna be looking at some 500,000 sales for the month of december.. woo hoo let's hope so

C_SoL4021d ago

we'll see how it does. hopefully the sales are good.

nasim4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

The EU effect is here!!!!!

Just like EU ps3 will start dominating NA too.

DONT forget RATCHET is due on the 23rd

and PES+PS3 bundle is due on the 26th in EU.

ps3 is now in a killing spreeeeeeeeee

Maddens Raiders4021d ago

yeah....kind of funny. Sony didn't say sh*t at TGS and seemingly dropped the 'ball' in front of everybody. Now they seem to be actively imposing their WILL to reach Kaz's 11 million mark by 1Q 2008 - around the world. It just makes me wonder when the *really, really big guns are going to come out of the box? I mean these are some pleasantly sneaky people we're dealing with

ruibing4021d ago

I'm pretty sure they held back their announcement because they didn't want people to anticipate a new model and price drop, causing a drop in sales beforehand. They were waiting for their warehouse to have enough of the model to ship to retailers before making the announcement.

jiggyjay4021d ago

Very significant price drop and Sony is doing the right thing... But we all know that $199 is the sweet spot for gaming consoles.. And guess who's going to be there by spring 08!

Fighter4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

that video confirms that Warhawk will get DLC snice it shows those drop ships. They are freakin massive. I think they even show different aircraft other than Warhawks.

neogeo4021d ago

The 80 gig is now $499.99 and 40 gig 399.99

VERY good move Sony. Its clear and easy to understand. 80gig is the better deal.

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xplosneer4021d ago

Post the full article? If it doesn't have a specific release date I don't care.

wangdiddy824021d ago

when is this taking effect in the states???

Wii60PS3DSPSP4021d ago

Tell me when they "slash" the price of the 60gb.

solidt124021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

They already did. and when there gone there will be no more 60 gigs so you should try to find one before they are all gone. I have only seen 80 gig models lately in stores so good luck.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4021d ago

Ha ha...yeah no. I'd like another one to happen. The 60gb should have been the $400 ps3.

Gordii4021d ago

I am glad i first got my 60Gig model and i just upgraded it to 160Gigs. Umm Honestly yes it will boost sales for them... I will also like to say Backwards Compatiable is important to me just to have less systems i mean who wants to lug a psx or a ps2 around for 10+ yrs lol... I got my PS3 when it first came out and i am glad i did. Its nice to see the improvements they made.
*Note i had a xbox 360* Elite Version and it gave me the 3red rings of death in 10mins of play so lets just say i am not a owner of a 360. Also people say 360 is a USA product hate to tell you its made in China Same with PS3 and Wii look it up. So i would watch you might get Lead Poisoning from your systems LOL.....

Wii60PS3DSPSP4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

Now I know whatever you said is bullshit. Not to mention what idiot would even try to eat their own systems.

ruibing4021d ago

I got the 60GB as well and also a PS2. I found that PS2 sometimes outputs more vibrant graphics than the hardware emulation. The software emulation from the 80GB looks better than the hardware emulation, don't know why that is. Well, this is the case for FFX anyways.

lawman11084021d ago

#1 I have had the 3RROD on my 1st gen 360 after about 6 months I have never heard of an Elite getting RROD EVER and I have also NEVER heard someone say they got it 10 mins after they powered up the unit. Also,why would you still not own it? You mean after you sent it to get fixed you just threw out a almost $500 machine? BS to you hater, I also own the 60 gb ps3 which spends most of its time catching dust under my TV due to the last of GAMES the one thing a GAME SYSTEM needs. Oh and lets see that 40gb move 500,000 units in Dec. I will smash my systems if that happens. The 360 has 1.3 million is software sales vs the ps3 279,000 and hardwear 360 7.6 million vs ps3 2.1 million . So in one month the ps2 is going to move about 1/4 of its total us sales? PUUULEEEASE