Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 84: Tell Us Your Worst Online Experience

Blade206, DCI and WorseCase come together once again to bring you the most entertaining video game podcast on the net! Yes yes we know, 2nd week in a row with a show? Impossible!! But yes we are here and in today’s episode we talk about the following:

- Blade206′s Xbox live experience once again

- Blade answers some of the questions in the comment section on SYGU 83

- PSN Downtime and Hack talk

- Senator demanding anwsers from Sony

- Warhawk Developers new game Starhawk or Warhawk 2?

- Arkham Asylum 2 Impressions

- Wii 2 Picture Impressions

- Portal 2 sales for Xbox360 and PS3

- As always we have a step ya game up and much much more

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WowReally2731d ago

PSN downtime is worse than the actual hack.

CharlesDCI2730d ago

lol...that and all the misinformation going around. Don't even know what to believe anymore. I think once this is resolved (depending on how the outcome is) Sony needs to address the press on how they mishandled this incident.

LOGICWINS2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Torrence, I love your podcast but I lol'ed hard when Blade was like "Torrence drinks Coke with his pinky up" ROFL, awesome stuff

pixelsword2730d ago

Heck, I drink coke with my pinky up.

*dips snuff from ivory and mother-of-pearl box*

Darth Stewie2731d ago

Yes another episode. Hopefully you guys continue to release your episodes every week.