Opinion: PlayStation Brand Faces Uncertain Future

Gamasutra: "There was a time -- let's say, for argument's sake, from 1996 to 2004 -- when the PlayStation brand was awe-inspiring. PlayStation represented all the shining possibilities of the future. Brilliantly, PlayStation ran with the goodwill Sony built up in the 1980s with the Walkman, and super-boosted this reputation for design and technical excellence as well as a natural empathy for what people wanted.

But things do tend towards entropy. Today, the PlayStation brand is in gentle decline. And the events of the past week could accelerate that decline into something more serious. Especially if Sony continues to handle the crisis with the incompetence it has thus far demonstrated.

If Sony wants to come through this present crisis with the PlayStation brand relatively unsullied it needs to make some big changes to how it approaches the outside world, and how it views itself."

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rabidpancakeburglar2733d ago

No it doesn't, in a couple of years the only people talking about this will be xbox fanboys trying to win whatever the argument then will be

iamnsuperman2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Don't bother any more. These doom and gloom are ridiculous. Its sad how low N4G has gone but its not just N4G these websites which used to produce interesting articles are know as low as articles like this. Come on "Journalists" E3 is so close do you think enough has been reported on the same utterly stupid topic. At this rate E3 will be squashed by Sony is ruined forever and can not return articles

B1663r2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Oh whatever...

There are like a half dozen of us with a grand total of 10 bubbles between us who are trying to get the truth out there. You are not being overwhelmed by a troll crap flood, you are being overwhelmed by the truth.

PSN security was crap. Once Sony figured out that PSN had been compromised they responded in a crap way.

And I wanted to deny that it could have been caused by something as trivial as removal of Other OS, but damn, that is what seems to have caused it.

(revenge for BMG rootkits seems high on the mind of the hackers as well...)

Sony ruined their selves, PSN was just the thing that will catalyze the end of Sony.

iamnsuperman2733d ago

"The truth out there" so the truth is accusations and here say. I have no issue about the story but its the amount of different websites reporting the same thing. I am not sure what the moderates are doing but N4G has been overrun by the same story just from different websites. I admit PSN security seams to have failed and could be rubbish (but we do not know in detail what they are but some hacker managed to get by). The fact that this is "the end of Sony" is total fanboy rubbish. Every company has had a problem or another. Microsoft had hardware problems, Sony now has a PSN problem but this will be fixed. This is a wake up call to the gaming industry as a whole that hackers are capable to hack the online system. This event will not ruin Sony but will change the industry and how it handles security. You might be thinking Microsoft and Nintendo are sitting back laughing but i could have a guess they are looking into their systems to not have the same problem as Sony. It was just happened to Sony first

Soldierone2733d ago

Took the words out of my mouth. I dare all the sites kicking a horse when its down to write the same article in two weeks or a month.

starchild2732d ago

Sony and the Playstation brand are going to be just fine. Some people have way overreacted to this situation.

DeadlyFire2732d ago

PS is doomed just like Xbox is doomed because of Red Ring right? Just like PS2 disc read errors. Gasp I coughed this morning. I must be dieing. Its easy to jump to a conclusion. If you think about something for a second. You would realize that.

Sony PSN is not very much different than Xbox Live or Wii's Online setup. All 3 have different security measures and not all of them are the strongest. I personally don't care about them.

Its not the first time someone has tried to attack a database for credit card information and all that mumbojumbo. It certainly won't be the last. Your bank could be hacked tomorrow if it has online checking. There is no surefire way to block out 100% of everything on the internet unless well you want no internet.

Anarki2732d ago

With doom articles and lame titles like that it wont.

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fedexas2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

It's really sad and pathetic. The media only cares about using this breach as a scapegoat. That's what pisses me off about this.

But this situation only makes the Playstation brand stronger.

Daoshai2732d ago

defiantly doesn't make the playstation brand stronger. There are a lot of people who don't know the facts and buy into this hype.

MastaMold2732d ago

If whenever the PlayStation brand dies then I will be done with video games

Obama2732d ago Show
Trebius2732d ago ShowReplies(1)
Lykon2732d ago

yeah the future is uncertain. Will there be 15 exclusives next year or twenty? When will Agent be announced? LOL @ this article

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Tripl3seis2733d ago

Here we go back to 2006 all over again heeheehe oooh man I only laugh.

smoothdude2733d ago faces uncertain future! Sony will be fine.

blackburn102733d ago

Yeah because this is the first time a company lost data or phone numbers or was compromised or thought their systems were secure. And they all went out of business. Oh wait! No they didn't! They still exist to this day.What a surprise. BTW could someone take B1663r 's bubbles away once and for all please. Tired of his constant trolling.

Rage_S902733d ago

sony is dooooooooooooooooomezzzzzz, it looks like we're in 2007 again -_________-

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