Edge: The Best Games Of 2000 To 2009: Halo

Edge: "If you want to know why Halo is one of the games of the last decade, it’s not too hard to find reasons. You can almost reel them off – there’s the 30 seconds of fun, the two-weapon limit, the regenerating shield and the role as flagbearer for Microsoft’s fledgling Xbox console. There’s the context of where the console FPS was in 2001. The big things like AI and the small ones like incidental dialogue. Talking about why Halo was and is brilliant almost risks turning into a checklist, not least thanks to the sheer size of what Microsoft has subsequently built around it.

But what was Halo before it became Halo? A mould-breaking, market-cracking FPS that stunned players, critics and probably even Microsoft itself. A day-one release for the original Xbox that instantly legitimised its entry into the market, showing there was much more to Microsoft’s strategy than deep pockets."

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Bigpappy2781d ago

I could argue with them, but I would loose.

shammgod2781d ago

Has to be a joke article, this cant be real

wazzim2781d ago

Bet you didn't even read it or played the original Halo.

CaulkSlap2781d ago

Personally I actually agree. I've never had more fun in my life than playing Halo1 coop and LAN with my friends for years.

Halo2 on the other hand was just utter garbage that ruined the series. Campaign was especially terrible and if you played Halo1 LAN competitively like I did you could not enjoy Halo2's unbalanced weapon whoring lag-fest.

MerkinMax2781d ago

Each person finds something to love and hate about it. Halo 2 was my favorite in the series.

RedDead2781d ago

I just started playing it the other day again....I can't believe how much more fun i'm having with it than I did Reach and 3(and I do like them a lot). There's just something about it really. The campaign just has a better structure or something, the levels are just great, even though my favorite mission in all Halo's is Delta Halo in Halo 2 but still.

PandaJenkins2781d ago

The haters will always hate, especially here on a Sony biased site. But the original Halo was absolutely amazing when it came out, and it gained it success for a reason.

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