Half-Life 2 with the Portal Gun

So you've played through Portal and loved every minute as much as we did. Maybe you've even gone through the advanced maps and tried out some of the challenges? So what comes next?

How about the ability to play through Half-Life 2, HL2 Episodes, or other Source-powered games with the portal gun in-hand? We've been doing that very thing for the past few days now, and after hours spent experimenting with various techniques and tricks, we're here to show you how.

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psychotic_duck4108d ago

It's been on Digg for quite a while now...

miked8084108d ago

Please someone figure out how to do this on 360 version.

mighty_douche4108d ago

ill be doing this as soon as i get home. gives me another reason to play hrough HL2 again :)

my heads already full of fun ideas that i can do with this! Eeeeexcelent....

BaMYouRDeaD4107d ago

Very cool. I may just replay Half Life 2 and Episodes 1 and 2 just to use the Portal gun in the game.