SSX: new Elise Riggs artworks

Here are some SSX artworks taken from latest character design video

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T3MPL3TON 2728d ago

The more I see of this game the more faith I have in it.. I'm still not impressed with SSX meets CoD but, if they just give me the ability to do crazy absurd tricks on crazy tracks I'll be happy. Plus the soundtrack better be awesome like SSX3's.

hoof1232728d ago

I feel the same. I thing that they've kinda dropped the whole deadly descents theme now and are sticking to what made SSX good in the first place.

bageara2728d ago

Its looking like a true SSX game now :) That chick is looking hot too

TronEOL2728d ago

Oh damn right. Elise Riggs ftmfw.
That's some prime Canadian-bacon right there.

I need to follow this game a bit more. Loved playing the old SSX games on PS2 and Xbox.

Psionic-Sly2727d ago

"This is gonna be very very interesting" IT'S TRICKY!!!

Rybnik2727d ago

I think that Deadly descents trailer was supposed to showcase just the new feature of survival was really missleading (and I think a mistake) though. I am quite pleased that the overall game is still true to the spirit of the original.
Also hearing how survival mode actually will be implemented sounds really cool (no pre scripting, all physics based) wow, can't wait to see it in action. Maybe vid five will give us a sneek peak at the new feature..if not, E3!