GameSpot: White Knight Chronicles II Preview

GameSpot writes: "The original White Knight Chronicles may not have received glowing reviews, but it was a solid, gorgeous-looking Japanese role-playing game nonetheless. Level 5 took into consideration some of the fan feedback and has addressed some of the concerns in the upcoming White Knight Chronicles II. If you haven't played the original game, however, that's not a problem. White Knight Chronicles II will be released with the original game's single-player story campaign so that you can experience the entire story with the improved combat features".

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-MoOkS-2732d ago

I'll keep an eye on this game, but I won't get my hopes up again, after I was soo let down with the first title.

execution172732d ago

the first one gets boring when you get the platinum crown cause there's nothing to look forward too once you get it, because its chance's are high you'll be GR15 and have all your armor and weapons for the class or classes you have.

WildArmed2730d ago

I disagree.
I got my platinum crown around 500-hour mark.
But I put around 800-hours into WKC.
I enjoyed the game very much.
Ofc, it's alot more fun if you have friends to play with.
Me and my buddy used to duo quests and fuck 'em up pretty bad lol
We'd make a 20min quest into a 50min coz we forgot to do something >.<

Good times

execution172725d ago

trust me i have almost 1800 hours into the game and it gets boring after awhile since everyone only wants to do BR or doing 100+ runs on the same quests gets repetitive

rebirthofcaos2732d ago

well, I cant wait to play it since I really liked the first one.

coryok2732d ago

looking forward to this... too bad that the release date for na isnt for a while

ElementX2732d ago

It will be crap like the original

callahan092731d ago

The original was far from crap. I loved it.

The main complaints I ever heard were that the story wasn't interesting enough (OK), and that the combat "sucked" essentially because you didn't have to actually "hit" a character to hit them.

I understood that the latter was a design decision, and accepted it, and fell in love with the world, the missions/quests, the multiplayer, and yes even the combat. It's a very strategic combat system.

I guess I can understand that the game seems to give you freedom of movement to be able to dodge attacks but you can't actually dodge them, and that people didn't like that, but for me, I just looked at it as a turn-based RPG where I happened to be able to move around a bit in battle and not have to just sit there staring at the screen until it was my turn again.

I personally find all of the real-time battle systems in modern RPG's to be poorly implemented systems that can be very frustrating to control: Tales games, Grandia games, Xenosaga series, Star Ocean, etc... Good games, even great sometimes, but the battle systems aren't as polished as games that strive to be action games first and foremost. Perhaps serviceable for an RPG's action system, but vastly I prefer the turn-based, and this game is most definitely turn-based, but with that little twist of not having to watch your character standing there while you wait for your turn. Personally, I fell in love with the game, as did many RPG fans.

remanutd552732d ago

cant freaking wait , loved WKC , i hope they release the psp version too , one thing i would love to see getting improve on WKC2 is the combat system , WKC had a little slow combat system other than that i loved it ,offline and even more online

WildArmed2732d ago

Hmm, yeah interesting.
We haven't heard about WKC:PSP for NA.
Thou I do know that it's been confirmed for EU.
Can't watit for WKC2

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