DCUO Gets Competition With Marvel’s Free MMO

Created by Gazillion Entertainment, Marvel Universe – the direct competition to DC Universe Online is set to go for free, to anyone interested.

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TheTwelve2731d ago

Me too. I only play DC Universe Online because it's on the PS3 ---- I can't stand DC. Marvel is where it's at. Iron Man is my boy.


BlackTar1872731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

lol. Ironman is dope. Little intgerestuign thing about ireonman is that he is the most read comic by women lol. just throwing that out there as trivia.

on that note DC kills Marvel if your into adult issues nbot kid issues. and complete superheros.

i have this argument with my friends at work all the time lol. damn xmen cartoon kids.

anyways this was all in good fun game on

btw didn't disagree with you

slate912731d ago

I got to give it to DC heroes. Batman, Superman, and come on, who has anything on the Justice League?

lodossrage2731d ago

While like the twelve, I'm a marvel man over dc any day, I have to disagree with blacktar on the DC being more adult thing. I've been reading both brands comics since the early 80's to present.

And while DC does have some adulthood to their characters, they don't compare to the deep issues marvel seems to hit with their comics.

Honestly, I think it has a lot to do with DC's characters being made out to be almost god like while Marvel's characters for the most part show their vulnerability and human nature

But then again, that's just my opinion based off the comics I've been reading.

Trebius2731d ago

The writing for DC has always been better than Marvel. Marvel has always focused more on their lines of toys (their MMO is based on a line of toys for ages 3 and up).

For marvel, their comics were always an afterthought.

DC is where it's at if you're a true comic book fan.

If you like action figures and mediocre writing, then yes, Marvel's great.

Death2731d ago

If you are a true comic fan, publishers aren't important. Until Crisis, DC was pretty campy as far as their mainline characters were concerned. They had some great writing on their fringe books though. Todays DC is much better. If you haven't seen it, kingdom Come by Alex Ross and Mark Waid is a must have for any DC fan. It was released in the mid 90's and the story took place 20 years in the future.

As far as whose content is more cutting edge, Marvel held that distinction first when Stan Lee attempted to tackle the drug problem in the 70's. Since that time DC has also grown up thogh. Alot depends on what you read. If you want to get away from the mainstream books, there are quite a few independants that cater to many different tastes.


lodossrage2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

"For marvel, their comics were always an afterthought.

DC is where it's at if you're a true comic book fan.

If you like action figures and mediocre writing, then yes, Marvel's great. "

This is your opinion. Not a fact.

To this day (in my opinion) DC hasn't brought up a saga that as good as Inferno, Atlantis Attacks, or Civil War.

Now I agree with you on that Kingdom Come thing though Death. That's one of the few sagas I've ever really applauded DC for.

But as for the independents, to be blatantly honest, the independents are usually better because they aren't tied to the company guidelines DC and Marvel force them into. And they most of them own their own work. Whereas with DC and Marvel, the company ends up owning your characters.

Perfect Example, Venom. Todd Mcfarlane creates one of Spider-Man's greatest rivals (venom) and leaves Marvel to create Image (with a few other people) because of the fact that he created this at the time major character that he had NO rights to

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Motion2731d ago

Nickle and dime scheme and playing with pre-made heros. I don't see this doing too well.

khan_saab2731d ago

I have to agree with you about the whole Nickle and dime scheme. when they do that what we end up getting are games that are imbalanced. just look at the free lord of the rings MMO.

Christopher2731d ago

I am extremely skeptical about this being anything of value.

hazelamy2730d ago

where does it say you'll be playing with premade heroes?

Motion2730d ago

Sorry, that came from a Massively article I had read earlier in the day.

thekidq2729d ago

Yeah I hadn't read that either yet.

KonaBro2731d ago

I thought they were going to go the route of DC Universe and make their own world for you to be apart of. You could have different mentors like the X-Men, Dr. Strange, Spider-man, etc. This sucks. :(

zeal0us2731d ago

basically f2p(marvel mmo, yes it been confirm, check joystiq out) vs p2p(DCUO)

I with free, unless some else want to pay for me.

BlackTar1872731d ago

yoru gonna get what you pay for with this though

if you read it sounds very cheap and will i guarntee have a lot of balance issues and content issues.

lovre tghe dat ass face avatar though

newn4gguy2731d ago

Sony Online Entertainment wanted to make a Marvel game first. They couldn't come to an agreement, however.

So, they went with DC.

Unless Blizzard themselves are taking on Marvel...nobody is touching SOE's masterpiece.

Christopher2731d ago

Originally, the guys who made Champions Online were supposed to make a Marvel MMO, but Marvel backed out.

Since SOE joined with Warner Bros. on The Matrix (ie kept that game from going under for 2-3 more years than it should have been kept around), they also granted them the DC Universe MMO rights among others.

newn4gguy2731d ago

Thanks for the info! Bubbles! (Not that you need them...)

How do you get bubbles like that?

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