Playing Through Half-Life 2 Episode 2 With A Gnome

An interesting and funny write up of one gamers experience with the "Little Rocket Man" achievement, in the Xbox 360's version of Half-Life 2 Episode Two. Be warned though spoilers abound.

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Rooted_Dust4022d ago

I was dumb struck when I found the Gnome at the beginning of the game and realizing that I would have to carry him the whole way through. There were some parts where you could leave him go do what you need to do and return to pick him up, but the hardest part by far was the Chopper/Car chase. You can't put him on the seat or behind them, because there is no collision detection on the seats, so he just slides through them and out the door. I did find that if you jump on the back of the car and shove him through the rear window he will get stuck, sometimes only temporarily , and if you hit anything other then an enemy he will probably go flying. Also if you do get to the end with him remember to shut the door on the rocket or you won't get the achievement.