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It's rare for a videogames show - be it E3, TGS or any other event - to have clear winners and losers from among the top publishers and platform holders. In general, there are positives and negatives on all sides. Take this year's E3 for example, where despite the strong media backlash against Sony's arrogant attitude in their press conference (not to mention their price point), the firm did succeed in showing off a surprisingly polished array of software both in playable and trailer form.

This year's Games Convention in Leipzig is an exception to this rule. There is a very clear winner, and a very clear loser, in the Leipziger Messe this week, as 150,000 consumers are currently finding out - and hundreds of press types have already discovered. The winner is Microsoft. The loser, by means of shameful default, is Sony - whose utter complacency has now reached the level where it couldn't even be bothered putting on a press conference or making any meaningful next-gen related announcement at Europe and the world's biggest videogames event.

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PS360PCROCKS5376d ago

They do handle all their business oddly and it seems like they just dont care...sonys weird

zypher5376d ago

everybody already knew that Sony wasn't gonna have a standout presence at the GC; Sony said so themselves. its not that they don't care, its that they have their own way of doing things. they'd confirmed that they would instead focus more on TGS. this is hardly news worth mentioning.

Silverwolf5376d ago

Well if MS was to just make a statement in the US and not Japan or EU. How would they feel? Bad I bet, undermining other country's just too show off your system in your home town is nothing but shameful.

Daewoodrow5376d ago

Sure, they had absolutely no obligation to be at leipzig, but with the publicity they're getting lately it's hardly the time to pass up PR events. Whether you like it or not, a large number of supporters from the PS2 are currently doubting Sony, and they need to be reassured, and for once the reassurance needs to be something other than a lie that gets disproved a day later!

FeralPhoenix5376d ago

OK, I know thats a little over dramatic but thats the way Sony makes me feel sometimes. I'm not hating on Sony, but even fanboys should realize that Sony has a terrible attitude when it comes to the fans. I understand that they may be focusing on TGS, but Europe is an important market and not putting on even a small scale show for the fans there is like a SLAP IN THE FACE to European gamers. Sony is taking too much for granted, and thats what pisses me off about them. Say what you want about M$, but at least they try to cater to want fans/gamers want. I know Sony fanboys will try to defend them but you of all people should be telling Sony that you expect them to show their loyal fans some appreciation.....otherwise you are only adding to their bad PR and "we dont give a f*ck attitude because we are Sony". Believe it or not even Sony will adopt better PR compaign towards their customers if we actually voice our disatisfaction in large numbers, then they will have no choice but to listen because ultimately we are the ones who buy the damm games.

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