Gears Of War Has No Competition

TitanReviews writes: With Gears of War 3 on the way the question that inevitably comes to mind is "Where are the competitors?" CoD's Modern Warfare brought everyone out of the woodwork, but why is no one after the Gears audience?

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iamnsuperman2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Does this guy know what competition means. "Don't even bring up Uncharted my PS3 brethren; it may be a third person shooter but its utterly different and fantastic in a very different and separate way." That maybe true but the people will decide do I get Gears or do i get another title (for example Uncharted 3) so they are your competition.

Edit: what it sounds like is that he wants a Gears clone to compete against. Do we really want that???

Hockeydud192732d ago

That's like saying Bioshock is the competition for Call of Duty, it just isn't. The games only exist in the same genre.

NukaCola2732d ago

Well, Gears is Uncharted. Both different and both will sell millions. Both Rage & Resistance 3 come out in Sept, but I project they all do very well. Just a great year for gaming all around.

Heartnet2731d ago

Dude every game is compettion lol and u cud not have picked 2 worse examples.. Bioschock 2 was delayed since it came out in the same month as CoD: Modern Warfare 2 lol

jdrman20072731d ago

Heartnet is right actually. The marginal cost of buying a game (CoD, Gears, etc) is $60 and the opportunity cost of purchasing said game is ANYTHING else one could have spent that same $60 on including purchasing another game (Bioshock, Uncharted, etc.). This is especially true for multi-console owners. I hate hearing the "They're two different games so they dont compete with each other!" bullcrap.

Has no one here ever taken an Economics class in college or at least high school?!

**remembers the average age of N4G users**

Oh yeah... well when many of you are finally make it to high school maybe you'll understand a little of the complexity of the laws of economics. I swear that crap is so convoluted and mingled no one should ever make such a clear cut statement like "X game has no effect on Y game"

Active Reload2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

That was a nice article write up. Gears 3 really doesn't have any competition--at this point anyway. The stuff that goes on in Gears 3 is quite the spectacle that I don't think anyone will be able to surpass. But in a more humble rhetoric I'll just say that Gears 3 is a unique experience in the shooting genre.

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gamingdroid2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I think there is a difference between competition in the business term and from a game play term.

You are discussing the former, while the author is discussing the latter.

... but yeah, there is no competition to Gears of War 3 this year! In my humble opinion of course.

Sevir042731d ago

and in my humble opinion, I'd say there is no competition for Uncharted 3! it's in a league of it's own! and whats gonna happen! I think Most will do what they did with the release cycles and compare Both Gears and Resistance. They've been star crossed competitors for the longest!

gamingdroid2731d ago

I haven't played Uncharted enough to form an opinion and then only the first one, but your opinion is respected.

Some people like this and some like that. That said, Gears of War 3 Beta is really awesome so I have confidence it will be good when it is released in September.

If I could find a way to get my Xbox 360 controller on PS3 I would play it more.

StanLee2732d ago

@ iamnsuperman

I am a fan of both Gears of War and Uncharted but I don't feel like it's a choice between 1 or the other. I find them very different games. Uncharted more action adventure and Gears of War more fantasy. I don't even consider Uncharted a shooter. It has so much more depth than that; the platforming, puzzles and story sets it apart from any of the 3rd person shooters mentioned like Gears of War, Army of Two or Lost Planet. 3rd person is just the perspective you play in. Uncharted isn't a shooter in the same way Elder Scrolls isn't an FPS. First person is just a perspective you can play the game in.

Heartnet2731d ago

Depends what ur budget is :) if u can only afford one which do you pick ;) 2 different games but competetion none the less..

and Uncharted is a shooter ;) and Elder Scrolls isnt an FPS its an FPRPG as its not a shooting game ;)

NiKK_4192732d ago

Of course there's no game EXACTLY like it, that would be stupid, if that's your definition of competition, then almost nothing has competition

Heartnet2731d ago

Every First person shooter in exsistence is in competeion with themselves in fraid :(

Maddens Raiders2732d ago

looking for hits & telling fibs.

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Op242732d ago

I'm surprised Sony hasn't come up with a Gears clone yet.

SuperKing2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

You really want a Gears clone where a couple of steroid induced guys grunt at each other?

Anyway, I think there was one from Team Ninja or something. Can't remember more than that though.

Op242732d ago

Not a clone, but something in the TPS genre that is fast and mean and has multiplayer. Vanquish just couldn't cut it.

SuperKing2732d ago

Seen this yet? It's not a shooter though, but it fulfils your 'mean and fast' criteria.

InLaLaLand2732d ago

Quantum Theory I think that was what it was called and it flopped, I'll try the demo out sometime.

news4geeks2732d ago

what's wrong with steroids

ElementX2732d ago

That game looks like complete sh!t. Graphics looks like a 360 launch title. LMFAO.

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Vherostar2732d ago

Well one was gonna come out then it went multi-platform and we all know how it turned out... A massive failure that's what happens when you turn a ps3 exclusive into a multi-platform FAILURE. That game was Quantum theory it had the potential to be a massive GOW clone. The fact it went multi-platform meant it was rushed and therefore it failed massively.

Adva2732d ago

Only reason it went multi was they knew the game was going to fail badly if they just relased it on on platform. With Xbox also getting a version, the loss would be reduced a bit.

Klaykid1232732d ago

Sony should make a FPS named "Space Rings" where you play as a sci-fi warrior, a 'Roman', with enhanced abilities. His name is Elite General. You fight of aliens trying to destroy the space rings.

Now THAT is a GOTY contender? Definitely no competition.


slate912732d ago

You fight aliens trying to destroy humans and try to destroy their headquarters, the space rings.*


WorldEndsWithMe2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Uncharted and Gears won't compete, anybody with both systems who like TPS will get both, anybody with one system will get its exclusive.

limewax2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Thats not entirely true, Although I will say gears has solid gameplay, The game has a very different appeal, The story is well...I dont want sound biased so shall we so going for a different goal, Whereas gears is pretty focused on finishing its story and having a great MP.

Gears appealed to me for two games but for the third, I cant garuntee I will be joining in until I see the release come at the very least, Even though I have both systems I think both have very different goals, Much like the consoles they are on.

That said I see your point in how most will get it and have agreed with you

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