Taipei Demands Answers From Sony, Threatens Fines

PC World: The letter was sent on Wednesday and gives Sony 10 days to respond. If it fails to reply in time, it would be fined between NT$30,000 (US$1044) and NT$300,000 for alleged breaches of local consumer protection laws, the commission said in a statement.

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I'm sure Sony already answer that same question.

And there are articles already reporting there was no fraud.

zealottt2729d ago

there are also articles reporting fraud.

Sony should just stop with the ps3. if they make another console, then no one in there right mind would buy it due to the huge failure they have just created with lax security.

BrianG2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Because again we undermine Sony instead of thinking the attack was well thought out. Logical decision.

And I must not be in my right mind, cause I'm going to buy the PS4, probably a year or two after release when the price gets its first drop.

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radphil2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

"Sony has lost the trust of the public. They need to pay"

I'd rather believe my bank first before unannounced sources of random people online crying fraud.

So far it's really just been N4G community on this tirade of a desire-to-hate train. The problem being, is that for most of them, they're just frothing at the mouth, instead of using their heads.

The funny thing about all this? The people that live in Taipei are more than likely are not going to even see a dime out of all of this even if it does come to fruition.

gamingdroid2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Isn't loosing the public trust the price they paid already? Sony's cost moving forward will be rather costly as well.

That said, I agree with this:

"Manufacturers and service providers should take responsibility for their customers' reasonable expectations of security, including personal information security,"

Not encrypting/hashing the password and keeping Date of Birth is NOT reasonable expectations of security....

Ravage272729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )


Lol don't you xbots just wish that would happen? Don't worry, PS4 is still on course for a 2013 release.

Going by your logic, no one in their right mind would buy a 360 due to the huge RROD failures right?

Seeing how you misspelled 'their' for 'there', you probably aren't smart enough to deduce that.

zag2729d ago

Yeah they need to pay people!

A whole $10,440USD (at the most) now that's going to teach them a big lesson, probably force them into bankruptcy and stuff too!

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MAiKU2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Those articles reporting fraud had unfounded sources and didn't follow through with anyone who claimed so.

jke822729d ago

wait seriously is this a typo they are gonna fine sony USD$ sony might get fined by taipei a grand...thats thats...thats HILARIOUS...that country must be real hard up for money i could pay sonys fine for them right now

Emilio_Estevez2729d ago

Who does Taipei think they are? lol

Everyone wants answers, why are they special?

slavish32729d ago

so they should give answer! stop letting sony pound your bottom and realize that just cause you like a company doesn;t mean they don't have to follow laws and do what they want when they have a crysis!

Ducky2729d ago


You said 'crysis'.

Emilio_Estevez2729d ago

Actually they don't have to give the info out, it's part of a criminal investigation, so they may not want to show their cards so to speak. Taiwan is acting irationally imo.

Soldierone2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Umm Sony has several third party companys investigating the crime. They have the FBI helping and are working with other branches of the government to fix it.

They even said CC info wasn't touched.

Stop acting ignorant. Just because you dont like a company doesn't mean everything they do is wrong.

I doubt shutting off PSN, losing millions of dollars daily, and having their image completely tarnished by every media outlet there is "doing whatever they want."

TheKayle2729d ago sony dont and cant do "criminal investigation" just a company...and sony should their customers...right and quickly..and they r not doing it....

fbi..and 3d specialized party r investigating..(always sorry for my bad english)...

zag2729d ago

Doesn't work like that, as the lawyers will always say don't talk to anyone about anything because it can ruin your case.

Look at geohot said he's not allowed to talk about the case still did, in the settlement he's agreed not to talk about the case yet still does.

He can get sued for just for breaking that.

As an example.

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Soldierone2729d ago


Just like the governor story, this is no differnt. Sony got hacked, made a mistake of being quiet too long, political people saw it and found an easy motive to make themselves look good.

They "sue" Sony and 'question" Sony and pretend they are fighting for the people. They don't care if their actions ruin Sony's image as long as people like them in their political spots.

fedexas2729d ago

Well said. That's exactly what's going on.

lodossrage2729d ago

that's EXACTLY what I was thinking when that "enraged" senator came out about Sony.

Probably wants to look good because election time is almost upon.

shuuwai2729d ago


Yet, remember to vote for me next year,and your tax will be going to my new house and car,boat, and anything that could be write off on tax spending.

Yet, i am here to help you.

TheKayle2729d ago

r u serious? who care if sony (could be microsoft apple or whatever) got ruined....77 f***ing millions of personal information got taken!!...mine and possibly your too!!!!

i prefeer trash my 300 euro ps3...than lose my personal data into some hackers group..if u ask!!
must be coz im 33 and i got a life......surely 16 years guys/girls ...r not very interested in always..young ppl think..:"ok wtf who cares.....i just want to play"

grow up ppl

jke822729d ago

@ kayle
since sony said they didnt lose any CC info then what did the hackers really get that cant be gotten in any local phone book??..i mean really Passwords and usernames can be changed as can security questions so your saying hackers can look at the yellow pages and steal your identity?
shouldnt the government be looking in to yellow book then.............

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FFXI1012729d ago

They are not special, they are just protecting their consumer and citizen. (There are people use PSN that live in Taiwan/Taipei)

coryok2729d ago

im sure that when sony knows exactly what happened they'll be telling people... these things dont happen overnight, they have teams of people working on figuring this stuff out

B1663r2729d ago

Dude, they waited SEVEN DAYS after they knew data had been stolen.

And here we are a few days after they lied and told you that no CC#s were stolen, and lo and behold it is confirmed 2.2 million credit card numbers were stolen WITH C2V numbers.

Soldierone2729d ago

The only "source" behind the 2.2 million CC stolen news is "unknown sources that claim" and that's it....

Sony didn't hide it then walk away. They said "may have no been touched" and this week stated "have not been touched" and if you want to take it further, Sony never stored the CCV numbers so it would be kinda hard to steal that...

coryok2729d ago

from the psblog:

" There’s a difference in timing between when we identified there was an intrusion and when we learned of consumers’ data being compromised. We learned there was an intrusion April 19th and subsequently shut the services down. We then brought in outside experts to help us learn how the intrusion occurred and to conduct an investigation to determine the nature and scope of the incident. It was necessary to conduct several days of forensic analysis, and it took our experts until yesterday to understand the scope of the breach. We then shared that information with our consumers and announced it publicly this afternoon. "

the didnt know about it until a little bit before they told us about it

jke822729d ago

lemme answer for b1663r since he only has one bubble

as said by b1663r
" i only have one bubble and am obviously a raveing fanboy i listen to sourceless and biased info cause it enables me as a troll.. did i also mention i have selective hearing and rrod didnt happen nor did the live problems that were persistant for two weeks during christmas..."

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fedexas2729d ago

Wow...are you kidding me?

What more do people want from Sony? A sacrificial lamb? How about going after the freaking HACKERS for a change? The victims consisted of both Sony and the customers.

Give me a bloody break.

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