Ten Bad Ass Suits of Armour In Video Games

"What would be the point of kicking ass if you didn’t look cool while you did it? But some heroes are coded in more visually pleasing ways than others, so let’s take some time to commend the best looking suits of armour worn in our games. No matter how awesome the hero may be, we’re looking for style here and not substance, though brownie points can be earned for ambitious design choices"

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crystalnova20042731d ago

oh RPG transformations. Where have you gone? Definitely in on Legend of Dragoon

Solid_Snake-2731d ago

obviously they never put marcus phoenix and spartan armour so not to offend any certain kind of cult.

1. spartan armour

2. marcus pheonix armour

3. old snake octo-camo

4. most of MGS4 bosses

5. crysis armour.

why was transformers in there thats there actual body.

and Isaac Clarke's armour was rubbish.

Scyrus2731d ago

actually spartans armor is pretty ugly....well atleast the chiefs is, its a bmx astronaught suit the newer armors are pretty cool tho.

and marcus's is just ugly , big and is wierd that transformers got in there though

Emilio_Estevez2731d ago

Interesting concept, can't say I've seen this b4.

Assassin Nawabi2731d ago

Cant believe Vanquish didn't make it to the list...

STICKzophrenic2731d ago

8. Augmented Reaction Suit – Vanquish

The fast-paced gunplay of Vanquish was its big selling point, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the unique abilities of the Augmented Reaction Suit. The ARS has such handy abilities as letting you enter bullet time and propelling you along the floor as you rain hot lead on your adversaries. Sliding around on your knees looks weird at first, but is undeniably awesome in the long run. Points are lost for the fact that the main character, Sam Gideon, looks like a total douche bag the moment he pulls his visor down. Put it away mate, no one wants to see your ugly mug.

It did make it to the list.

InLaLaLand2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

What about Stealth CAMOUFLAGE! (Ocelot voice). I liked the Octo camo in MGS 4.

And for jokes what about Rusty from FF IX? :D

GamerSciz2731d ago

I'm a bit surprised Master Chief (Halo) didn't make the list.


2731d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.