Blast From The Past: No. 1 Zelda writes: "Ocarina of Time" was the first Zelda game I played, and I considered it the best game ever made. It was truly an experience. The environment was huge, the boss battles were epic and because my attention span was short at 13, it felt like the game took an eternity to beat. But it never got old or boring. The story was well written, and it combined with a sweet 3-D environment which gave it a one-of-a-kind personality that was not seen in any game at the time."

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El_Colombiano3794d ago

Did a child write this? You could NEVER change Epona's name.

RaymondM3794d ago

untrue, you could change the name of your horse in Twilight Princess. However in Ocarina of Time standards, yes, changing epona's name is impossible. This leads my to believe that the writer is not a seasoned Zelda fan and probably got his signals crossed while playing OoT and Twilight Princess. A common mistake of an average gamers to mix up sequels.
However, I do fully agree with the writer that Ocarina of Time is probably the best game of all time. Very tough to beat a narrative with extremely little voice acting, but all the emotion of an Oscar movie.

Apocwhen3794d ago

Zelda, my favorite game series of all time.

eagle213793d ago

Easily my favorite game of all-time. Nintendo made magic! :)