Massive expansion for online hunting game theHunter

DasReviews writes: "theHunter, the online PC hunting game based on the Avalanche Engine known for it’s massive environment in last year’s top seller Just Cause 2, has added a major expansion to the game..."

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_LarZen_2733d ago

The gfx are realy can only hope that Skyrim wil have the same or even better....ah..just think about it.

Walking around in a big world like that just exploring in Skyrim!

john22733d ago

Hopefully we will. And if it doesn't, the community will make it look even better than theHunter ;)

Miths2733d ago

Yep, for a game of this type The Hunter looks very good indeed (distant trees could do with a bit of an improvement though in my opinion, but reportedly there's a graphics engine upgrade coming in the future) - and the new area adds some extra diversity to the landscape features.

I've never hunted in real life (nor would I feel particularly inclined to unless it was for survival) but it's also surprisingly thrilling to sometimes spend half an hour tracking your prey to get that single kill.
It certainly makes for quite a change from first person shooters where you're moving down enemies by the hundreds :).