Hackers Will Target Nintendo’s Online Network Next

SarcasticGamer - Now that the PSN has been hacked to pieces and our information has been spread around on the proverbial table as a buffet for the hackers to gorge themselves on, rumors are abound of an imminent attack on the online Nintendo Network.

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iamnsuperman2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I know little evidence but it wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo and Microsoft were next. Its like who has the biggest d**k competition. Each hacker will try and out do the last breach

-Mezzo-2782d ago

Well said. i agree with you.

darthv722781d ago

what is there to really pillage from the nintendo network? Peoples friend codes?

ownallconsoles2781d ago

Not nice, anything the PS3 can do, the Wii can do lesser

Zashule2781d ago

Nah, friend codes are too long for them to take. Even credit cards are shorter.

JackBNimble2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Sorry but I actually disagree. I don't think they (NIN/MS)would be any harder to take down then Sony . But I think after the geohotz/anon crap , the whole entent was and is to bring down Sony, or to atleast to make them look really bad.

I don't think these guys are going to go after anyone but Sony!

AndrewRyan2781d ago

I disagree. Unlike Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft use HASHED passwords. Which is why it was so easy to hack so many users on PSN.

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Joni-Ice2781d ago

If Sony and authorities could make some huge arrest and I mean arresting hackers, it may help deter some of these console hackers. It will prove hackers can be traced.

WhittO2781d ago

lol TBH there isn't much of a network there to be brought down...

I doubt they will go for anyone else now, they must be at least SLIGHTLY concerned about being caught with all of this FBI etc going after them.

ziggurcat2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

and you know how many people will rage and sue MS or nintendo if this happens?


because people are hypocrites.

Jezuz2781d ago

LOLOLOLOLOL. The amount of fanboyism in your comment is ridiculous

ChickeyCantor2781d ago

Nintendo's system also works with a credit card system. Thats what will concern people.

Nugan2781d ago

People would absolutely "rage and sue" if Xbox Live suffered an intrusion comparable to the PSN hacking.

Whenever personal information is compromised, the company targeted will be open to litigation. That only makes sense, considering the value of such information and the potential costs to those who could become victims of identity theft, credit card fraud, etc.

It may turn out that there was no neglect and that Sony is no way liable. But imagining that this debacle is some kind of anti-Sony crusade is confused fanboy nonsense.

That said, why would hackers target Nintendo's network? I mean, I guess they would get bragging rights if they caused some downtime, but I don't think Nintendo stores any personal info that would be worth stealing. As far as I know they don't store addresses, names, credit card info on their servers.

That's why you have to reenter all that info every god damn time you want to make a purchase.

ziggurcat2781d ago

@ Jezuz: really? because fanboyism has nothing to do with the fact that people (xbots, people with compromised reading skills and knee-jerk reactionist fear mongers) are crying about how this is the worst thing to ever happen in the history of everything when nothing has really been stolen. your CC info is safe (there is no evidence that it was taken)... and the other cited info? i can open up a phonebook or do a google search or go onto facebook and find 99% of that information there, too. so should we all just start suing the internet and telephone companies because our "personal" information is readily available, free for the public to see?

so please... use your brain.

@ sidar: yes, but every time you make a store purchase you have to manually enter your CC number. i doubt that that information is stored anywhere, not even on the console itself.

AWBrawler2781d ago

creidt card is optional. I use point cards, so hacking wii online is pointless, and the game i go online with the most has its on separate server by Capcom (MH3 Tri) so that's a waste of time.

ChickeyCantor2781d ago

Good point.
However, if they can intercept that data, then it could be a problem...but yeah Nintendo won't really suffer from it?

MakiManPR2781d ago

Same in PSN and look what happened.

Lykon2780d ago

@ sidar as far as i'm aware the wii uses a system of pretend toy money you have to collect and cut out little cartoon penguins from special packs of child safe bubblegum, the back of diaper cartons etc. The only rule of the penguin club is that you must never talk about it. it's very exclusive, you get a little badge and a laminated certificate (a pink one for girls and blue for boys) plus you also have to be sponsored by a responsible adult, who has to sign a complicated grown up agreement or something.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Huh, interesting....

In US, Wii is the console that have more sales, and is the console with less people connected. And PS3 is the console with less sales than Wii, and is the console with more people connected (excluding the PSN outage):

Blaze9292781d ago

Whoa...Nintendo has an online network!?

slaton242781d ago

yeah 1 example of a game is super smash bros brawl its online not to bad of a connection for me either

Klaykid1232781d ago

@slaton when brawl came out, it wass laggy as hell at first. Now, it's not so bad.

MakiManPR2781d ago

SSBB, MKWii, PBR, Super Mario Striker Charged, Super Mario Sluggers, Mario Sport Mix, Animal Crossing, etc

Scary692781d ago

Yeah Rumor has it that they might be targeting MS because of the assumption that their security is better.

morkendo232781d ago

hackers going to keep this up until no more online gaming. damn ass-hoes

mcsm2781d ago

Good i hope they do and then next microsoft to, then all three companys can join forces and fuck the hackers in the ass.

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Shok2782d ago

If Sony didn't have too great of security, then Nintendo sure as hell doesn't either.

Muerte24942781d ago

I call bull. Besides most wiis aren't connect via internet anyway. It would be redundant to try and hack nintendo simply because there is hardly anyone playing it's online.

B1663r2781d ago

Everyone I know with a wii uses it as a dedicated netflix device at this point...

slaton242781d ago

but it will be worth the hack if they try to make it possible to buy all games on store for free. There are lots of great classics on the wii store

EliteDave932781d ago

Nintendo is next i guess.. Then Xbox live? I rly hope they drop the soap in jail.

KwietStorm2781d ago

I hope they ARE the soap in jail

ChickeyCantor2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

" I rly hope they drop the soap in jail. "

Only a retard bends like that, trough the KNEES and quickly back up. Is the RIGHT way to do it.

Rageanitus2781d ago

Who says Nintendo does not have good security..... All I can say is if hacker wanted to get in THEY WILL.....

Im sure hackers can attack MS and do the SAME damage..

But he hackers had an incentive.... all because of Geohotz case. sarted all this noise.

-MoOkS-2781d ago

Wait......what? Nintendo have an online network?

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supremacy2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

This is getting ridiculous, seriously whats the point of all this? Now what has Nintendo done to these guys?

If anyone here has a valid answer to this question please let me know because i am still trying to figure whats the point of all this. Really.

I just hope this isn't about more "free speech" stuff or the guys fighting for 'quote" us gamers either.

Because i cant get enough of people calling these companies (who like them have families to feed) "bullies"

God isn't it amazing the world we live in today...

Dlacy13g2781d ago

Jesus... how many fucking bullshit Sarcastic Gamer articles can these chumps pump out in one day? I think I have now seen 6 today...all fake... and almost all not even close to humorous.

Its just as bad and the "mornign zoo" like podcast they put out. I tried to like them but in the end its just too much cheese for my likes.

limewax2781d ago

More desperate for hits than Activision for sequels

supremacy2781d ago

i sure hope you are right, because lets face it none of these companies deserve being attacked.

@limewax lol that was funny.

NeutralGamer2780d ago

Sarcasticgamer. The Fox News of gaming.