Battlefield 3 Still For Core FPS Audience

Attack of the fanboy writes: "The Battlefield series and Call of Duty series may have both started in the same place as core targeted first person shooters.  While Call of Duty may have started to veer towards the casual and more mainstream gamer, Battlefield has stayed true to its core roots.  With Battlefield 3, core gamers need not worry that the game is going to get “dumbed down” in order to compete with Call of Duty."

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3798d ago
Kamin03798d ago

Ok, More "Core Gamers" Cool..
but will they play as a Team(Give/Take orders, Supply, Heal, etc.) Or run Lone wolf?

3798d ago
BeckyLikesChocolate3798d ago

all i see thats so 'innovative' about bf3 is graphics and sound. other than that it looks like just another modern-themed fps. a good one but nothing new like with most. resistance 3 and brink look alot better but thats my opinion.

@nasim: kz3 is a joke. good graphics, sluggish controls(better than kz2s though) and horrible balance and maps online. wasnt even enough maps in the mp out of the box. i had my fun with it but it was a letdown

earbus3798d ago

I have been playing bf 2 lately just joy the jets is what bc lacks frontlines had them it was sweet that said i still like any bf thats why i have 13 vetran status lol.