Portal 2 is NOT worth $60

Sarcastic Gamer explains why Portal 2 isn't worth the full price tag of $60.

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PS3ROCKS2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I got Portal 2 for $35. Winning

MaxXAttaxX2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Sometimes I'm not sure if this site is serious or not.
Most of the time they're not even funny. They're just whining and piss me off LOL

Portal 2 is not "just about the same" as Portal 1. It is like 8 hours long. Longer than most 2 hour-long $60 games he plays. So GTFO.
Unlike the author says, yes you CAN play Co-op. You just need physically real friends to play it with. It's not like online is the only option.

I agree that most games are overpriced and undeserving of the $60 price tag. But Portal 2 I think is one of those games that are worth it, especially if you fancied the first game and are a fan.

NiKK_4192733d ago

Again? God, these "articles" from sarcasticgamer are pissing me off, every other article is from them, they should be banned from n4g, this site is for news, not for laughs (or flamebait articles, but that's probably never gonna change)

Zydake2732d ago

this article is right it's priceless to me i love this game even though i did pay 60 for it.

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zootang2733d ago

It is on the PS3 because you get 3 versions.

guitarded772733d ago

I got mine for $54 with release day shipping... it included the PS3 version and a PC download along with a $20 credit which I used with another credit to score LA Noire for $30, so I say yeah... totally worth it.

DaCajun2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

PS3 has only 2 versions PS3 and Steam because Steam covers both pc and mac since you can have steam on as many computers as you want but you can play on only one at a time. So stop being the fanboy and trying to spread BS.

Got mine for $44 at Best Buy(pre-order) done with single player now just waiting for PSN to come back up and sync with my Steam account then finish the co-op part. Definitely worth the money and hopefully Valve stay true to their roots and give us free DLC for the consoles like we get on Steam.

dragon822732d ago

I got the same deal on mine. I have completed the single player and co-op locally with my wife. I have also played it on my PC for a bit. Add in my $20 amazon credit and Portal 2 on PS3 is well worth the money I paid for it. :)

palaeomerus2733d ago

Same here! $35 for the win!

hassi942732d ago

This article's basically saying get the game, but not for $60?

Well whatever - I haven't got it yet and won't get it till June 6th (exams over) so it'll be a lot cheaper then.

Also - Valve are releasing DLC for free on all platforms as well as mods on all platforms. It'll become worth it.

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christheredhead2733d ago

99% of the games that have been released this gen aren't worth 60 dollars. there are a lot of great titles, portal 2 included, but even so still dont equal a value of 60.....almost 65 with tax. that price tag is way over priced if you ask me. games do drop rather fast though so its easy to wait a few days or a week and get it at 40 or less.

Gambero2733d ago

Good point. Portal 2 is already on sale for $40 at Best Buy/Game Stop

ceedubya92733d ago

Which I think is an okay price for this game. Although I still may look to rent instead of owning. The PS3 package does at least give you the pc version as an added bonus.

Shadow02732d ago

I usually try to only buy games that have 40+ hours of gameplay... That is why I am glad this article told me otherwise.

za3redrum2733d ago

@Christherehead: Ever thought how much the development of a game costs? Programmers are working years on a game, so every game is allmost worth 60 bucks, else you never make a profit out of it.

Rybakov2733d ago

there maybe development costs, but devs don't give us enough content to justify 60 bucks...and now a days with just giving half the game and then making us pay for the rest is really isnt fair to us...they should put of the full game and then if the game sold well they could put out full expansions like they use too which ended up being its own game in itself but added to the game its attached too

Venatus-Deus2733d ago

But you would pay $20-25 to watch a 2 hour film at the cinema?

$50 for a 3 hour Broadway show?

$2 for a 5 minute song?

Plus... you can rent games.

We have it good. Live with it.

darqwonders2733d ago


But that's the problem. Apart from the Broadway show, all those prices are smaller than $60.

People are more willing to part with money when it's a smaller amount.

Also, for the Broadway show argument, people don't go to Broadway shows every week. I maybe have went to 3 in the past 10 years. But video games I buy at least twice a month. That gets a lot more expensive if every game is $60

Venatus-Deus2733d ago


Man you missed the point.

Most games have a 7-10 hour SP. If you like the game you play it twice.

A good majority now have Co-op and MP.
I just finished SOCOM4 on Elite and that about 20 hours of SP play.

We get better valve for money that any other entertainment industry consumer.

grailly2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

people should start understanding that they vote with their money, so complaining that games are too expensive and buying one every other week is just dumb. If your unhappy with with pricing just stop buying games or wait for the price to drop. If we continue to buy 60$ games it's maybe that afterall, they are well priced

also the article is dumb, it asks the question if portal 2 is worth the 60$ and only talks about the amount of content, it doesn't talk about quality. It says that the portal 2 single player is worth 10 bucks because it's the same as portal's, which is completely wrong as it's at least 3 times as long ans has more puzzle elements.

he didn't like wheatly? WTF?!?

I must admit that if I'm in complete opposition with this article it's also maybe because my problem with playing games is a lack of time more than a lack of money; I'll go for quality over quantity any day. This is the kind of mentality that made rockstar add mexico to RDR and that generally make games repetitive. I guess some people like that.

Edit: am I the only one to have played portal 2 twice? It's quite replayable I think, it's a different experience once you know the puzzles

Rybakov2733d ago

i dont know what thearters you go too but i pay 5 bucks to go to the movies and im no where near any good broadway shows but i would easliy drop 50 for that cause people work hard to prefrom it night after night

portal 2 isnt worth 60 bucks only being a 5 hour game with puzzles that are so easy....the story was good but they could have done more id say its about 30 because it is made with quality

and @ Grailly

we live in a bad econmy around the world, we should be getting things cheap for expensive things we get out money worth for.....8 bucks for netflix is well worth it since i watch a lot a movies....a 5 hour game with very low game play replay is not worth 60 bucks because it doesn't keep me occupied or challenged and tho the story was good they could have some end cut scenes that tied in with half life 3 since the next half life is gonna involve Aperture science, and most likely Glados will make an apparence

grailly2733d ago

I live in switzerland and pay 20.- for a movie in the theatre and 100.- for a videogame and that's considering a swiss franc is worth 1.1$ more or less. And I still feel like I get more utility out of my game purchases than I do from anything else I buy, but maybe I just love games to much.
I also buy nearly all my games day one because, here, unless a game flops hard, the price only drops a year or two down the road.

I think that once I finish the portal 2 coop I'll have played it for 20 or so hours, which equates to 5.- an hour. It's fine by me.

Venatus-Deus2733d ago


lol... the theater is worth it because they work hard for a couple of hours a night every night, yet developers aren't because they only work 60 hour weeks. *facepalm*

You just a kid.

I live in London and its about 15 pounds for a Movie ticket. That's about $25

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christheredhead2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

i understand the work, time, man power and dedication that goes into making a game and i respect that as im sure its no easy task. yet its hard for me as a consumer to toss down 65 dollars for a game that is short, half way made, built for dlc or bug infested. the standard of the gen usually includes 1 if not all of those issues. on the flip side of things GOTY and ultimate editions are becoming more common as if developers and publishers are giving me a reason to wait. personally i do buy games at 60 dollars but those are few and far between. its been about 2 years since ive bought a game day 1 as ive realized it only takes a matter of a few days post launch for the price to drop. the only game i will be purchasing in the near future for 60 is the last guardian.

wiggles2733d ago

I do the same thing. Game stop has Buy 2 get 1 used....EA has the insider deals where games can be 40% off, amazon does amazing things too. I did this ever since I bought Alan Wake for a full price. IT was a good game, but give it a month and it was like $40, maybe lower.

Gambero2733d ago


The article doesn't only talk about the amount of content. It says that you've experienced the puzzle solving mechanic, glaDos, etc all before. Another 8 hours of levels isn't worth $60 in the opinion of the author, because it doesn't bring anything new to the table.

He has his opinion, you have yours. Calling the article dumb because it isn't your opinion only makes YOU look bad.

grailly2733d ago

I didn't criticize his opinion(except for the wheatly part^^). I criticized what he looks at to claim a game is not worth 60$. Portal 2 has awesome writing, characters, gameplay, puzzles and is original. yet he comes out and says its too short and is the same old thing; not taking into account that it's one of the best games this year/generation.

On a side note, if you're sick of portal, two and a half years after a 3hour game, I don't know what you think of FPSs.

Shadow02732d ago

No, games are not nearly worth 60 bucks, there was an article not too long ago that showed the highest budget games... High budget games still make usually way more than 300+ million dollars if you take the ($60*number of sales)-development costs... So games could start at a much lower price...

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Dlacy13g2733d ago

While I am sure Portal 2 is worth $60 to many, the game itself doesn't appeal to me and thus why I chose to pass on it. For my two cents, Socom 4 is more appealing to me even though it may not be a fully "polished" a game as Portal 2.

DFresh2733d ago

On PS3 it's worth it because you get Portal 2 on 3 platforms bundled together.
Buy it on PS3 also get it on PC/Mac.
$60 looks to be pretty cheap for 3 games bundled together.
$20 a piece.
That's not a bad deal.
Now if you got it on Xbox 360 or PC only.
I don't know maybe it's not worth the full value for a single player only game.
However if you get it bundled together on PS3 it doesn't seem like such a bad deal.

il-mouzer2733d ago

on PS3 you only get 2 platforms, mac and pc are considered as one since by default when buying a game off steam you get it for PC AND Mac so quit your fanboyism.

dragon822732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

The game is still technically on 3 platforms though isn't it?? Not all things are compatible between PC and Mac therefore they are by default different platforms. Just because Steam decides to give you the game for either one with the same pruchase does not change this fact.

il-mouzer2732d ago

by your logic then PC gamers have been given 2 games for free - and dare I say the SDK will add more value to the product, PC version of course

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