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CheatCC says - Launch has been consumed. We've played with the AR cards and gotten used to the new stylus. Believe it or not, the 3DS has been out in the United States for almost a month now.

As far as console launches go, 3DS' wasn't the most jaw-dropping. Lines to buy the new console were surprisingly small outside the most populous areas of the country. Yet in its modesty, the successor to the DS was able to make some pretty decent commercial gains. Nintendo, however, could have made things a little easier on themselves (and 3DS owners) on day one.

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Klaykid1232731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

I don't see how people are saying that the 3DS has good graphics. It has N64 graphics, two generations ago. Also, when will Nintendo make new IPs? Every console has the same games, Mario rehashes and Zelda rehashes.

Don't get me wrong, I love Zelda, but where did the originality go? I guess there's Mario kart to look forward to,

soren2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

wait street fighter and resedent evil and kid icarus has n64 grafics ur a troll go kill your self and technacly kit icarus is a new ip since its been 20 years since that gam came out soo yeah

lol now look at ghost of sparta and see how pixalated the ppl are eww oot for the 64 and if u ask me it looks better then ghost of sparta knowing gow is so far veiwed and u can still see the jaggy chars

Klaykid1232731d ago

New IP.. its been 20 years.. not new. That's like saying 20 years from now Halo 4 or 5 or 20 whatever comes out will be a new IP.

PSP is a last gen system with PS2 graphics, the 3DS is SUPPOSED to be "next gen"

Those are all bullshot/screenshots. Not ingame action.

RE has jaggy and messy textures. Look at the gun. God of War DEFINATELY has better textures and more is going on. This is all my opinion. Don't tell me to kill myself. Grow up.

soren2731d ago

wait lol res has jaggies? u are aware that that vid is old and the game is not even close to bein done yet right? and um textures on god of war? lol the back round has 0 textures and the the chars look ps1 like did u see the hands? lol pointed and jaggy and alot more going on? do u want res ppl to whip chains around 2 why dont u look at the new kid icarus 2 :P and yeah screen shots always tend to look worst lol so when u see that game in action ur gona be like O.O u just proved my point there lol and yes psp is dream cast grafics so yeah

meganick2731d ago


The 3DS does not have N64 graphics. The original DS was the portable N64. The 3DS is more around the Gamecube and Wii in terms of power.
Also, PSP has sub-PS2 graphics. It isn't quite PS2 level.

Klaykid1232731d ago

IDK kingdom hearts looked pretty good on it.