Gamersyde - First Look at AMY

For a little while now, PSN and XBLA games have not ceased to amaze us. After releasing Red Johnson’s Chronicles, a very pleasant adventure game, the developers of Lexis Numérique invited us to discover their upcoming game, a survival horror entitled AMY. Persuaded as we were of the seriousness of the French studio, but also very excited at the prospect of seeing a game developed by Paul "Flashback" Cuisset, we faced the many dangers of the Parisian subway system to find out for ourselves what this ambitious title was all about. For our first impressions and an exclusive interview of Paul Cuisset, just follow the link.

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sinncross2729d ago

i was under the impression that Amy was a PS3 exclusive. When was a XBLA release hinted at?

Either way, this survival horror looks too awesome!

DigitalRaptor2729d ago

It's a timed exclusive for Sony. Much like when Microsoft gets timed exclusives.

It does look amazing and I'm glad I'll be experiencing it first! Timed exclusivity does suck though.