CrimeCraft - Complete a quest to win 550 Gold Bars and more

DasReviews writes: "According to a press release we got today, Vogster Entertainment and have teamed up to offer players an opportunity to easily earn 550 Gold Bars (worth $25 USD) for the free-to-play MMORPG Shooter CrimeCraft. But there’s more! You can also win 550 BombGold Coins, the virtual currency from that users can exchange for virtual goods and currency of their favorite MMO games..."

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zeal0us2819d ago

this game is somehow is still standing, I'm amazed. I think APB:Reloaded will be their biggest competition. I think they(crimecraft) should went the f2p route the first time or did something like guild wars buy the game, play free.

DirtyLary2819d ago

To many damn cheats for this game to ever justify playing it.