'inFamous 2 lacking 3D and Move due to time pressure'

According to creative director Nate Fox inFamous 2 will not be supporting 3D or Sony's Move controller. Gamestudio Sucker Punch wants to fully dedicate it's resources to the options for user-generated content. In an exclusive interview with Fox explains that a lack of time is the main reason gamers will probably be missing out on a 3D and Move support.

Check out the translated source article (Google translate) here:

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TOO PAWNED2729d ago

great, no one needs them in game like Infamous 2 anyways.

Drekken2729d ago

The idea that all games need these features is ridiculous.

oli2729d ago

yea, it is pretty ridiculous, but releasing a peripheral/feature and not supporting it is also ridiculous. im not into motion gaming and cant afford 3D at the moment, so its wutever to me

LOGICWINS2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Using Move with Infamous 2 would be pretty cool, but the average gamer's arms would start to ache pretty fast. Imagine doing that tornado thing with Move. No way. I'm too lazy for that lol.

teedogg802729d ago

It would most likely be done with just the press of a button(s) anyway.

nickjkl2729d ago

wait how do you use move with your arms stretched out

thats like holding a 1 lb weight in front of you for an extended period of time after a while the strongest of people will ache

-EvoAnubis-2729d ago

Couldn't agree more. Don't need that shit; just gimmie the damn GAME!!! NAO!!!!

Oldsnake0072729d ago

this is a hardcore game so no move or 3d is required.

Blaze9292729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

So Killzone 3 is a softcore game?

Dno2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

You of course do not have a 3d TV and of course you prolly do not have move... Do you even have a Ps3??
The 3d in an open world game is actually the best fit because of all the stuff that can pop out at you. I twould have been a cool feature.

Anyway i would LOVE these features and i understand "time pressure" but what about an update to add both features later on? sounds just silly not to have a first party game have at least ONE of your main features you are pushing sony......

GiggMan2729d ago

I was most looking forward to the 3D aspect myself. inFamous is one of those type of games where you can just cut it on and mess around in an open world just for the hell of it. That would have been awesome to do in 3D.

Well here is to hoping for an update.

-EvoAnubis-2729d ago

Yes, I have both a 3DTV and PS Move; two, actually. I just don't much care about having either feature in inFamous 2. If they had time to add it, cool, but I probably wouldn't use Move. The only game I've used it in so far for a long time was Heavy Rain. Didn't like it much in RE5; DS3 was better.

And tacked on Move support is the last thing ANY game needs. Either it has a purpose in the game, or it doesn't. I don't want games to support it just to have a spot checked off on the box.

Dno2729d ago

@ evoAnubis i was talking to the first poster not replying to you and thats the great thing about move and 3d if you do not want to use thenm then in most cases you dont.

And RE5 was the best using move and it was "tacked" on as you say so your wrong. that was a check on the box that got me to buy RE5 for the first time so that check can be important to those 8 MILLION PS move users out there.....

chidori6662729d ago

They're a gimmick at best with the technology we have right now. I'll always prefer my joy-stick for FPS than crap of motion controls.

Knushwood Butt2729d ago

Depends. Not sure about Move, but 3D could work very well.

Although I'm a supporter of both Move and 3D, I'd rather they be planned from the start of development rather than added at a later stage.

In summary, I don't really mind that Infamouse 2 will support neither.

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LarVanian2729d ago

Not a big loss (to me at least). It's better that Sucker Punch focus on the more important aspects.

fluffydelusions2729d ago

Not needed but makes you think what else was stripped out. Time is always against developers these days.

xtremexx2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

doesnt make it any better. focusing on story and gameplay will overrun lack of 3d and move support

BrianG2729d ago

While I agree with the rest that 3D and Move support isn't something I'd use for Infamous 2, since I don't have a 3D tv. But that does not mean others wouldn't like it.

At the same time I do understand while they are keeping it out and fully support it. Focusing on the main aspects is more important.

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