Need For Speed: The Run Official Site & Release Date Announced

TGH Writes: "Yesterday the lid was blown off of EA’s next installment of the Need For Speed franchise subtitled The Run. Today we have some more news, including an official US release date and an official website. Are you ready for The Run?"

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ferelinstincts3740d ago

Great stuff dude, the game looks great.

Munky_VIII3740d ago

Going to cool to see what they can do with Frostbite 2 with this game.

ShadyDevil3740d ago

I am now officially confused on what to buy this November.

ShadyDevil3740d ago

This one is going to be story based so lets hope its good.

Redempteur3740d ago

the last story based NFS was undercover and it was crap ... do not get your hopes high ..

Cheeseknight283740d ago

Good lord EA, that's 3 NFS games in a year's time. Why hasn't this one been called milked yet?

Godchild10203740d ago

There were only one this year, that one was Shift 2: Unleashed. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit came out November last year. I'm sure this has got the milked title, but won't hold value since the two they release a year or two different games, while on the other hand COD is the same point and shoot this person type of game, with a lack luster story that sales based on the name and the multiplayer, which is not a bad thing.

Cheeseknight283740d ago

Last I checked, November 2010 - November 2011 is a year's time. That's 3 games, 1 year. Even two in the same year is overkill, this is just ridiculous. They may play differently in the sense of one being a track racer as opposed to being an escape the police simulator, but the gameplay fundamentals are the same.

Why the hell did you bring up Call of Duty anyway? I never said anything about it. If you want to know why I used the phrase "milked" as I did, that was in response to people claiming Mario or Zelda are milked franchises.

R8343740d ago


He brought up Call of Duty because that is one of the most milked franchises ever to grace consoles.

Godchild10203740d ago

I brought up COD as an example to what most people consider milked (Didn't mean for it to come up as an insult, if it did, sorry). I agree that Mario is milked, but really Zelda, we see more Mario games than Zelda in a given year across all of Nintendo Platforms. Hell 3 new Mario games in August just for the 3DS.

On the sense of the year November 2010 to November 2011 of this year, I see what you mean by a years time. I was going by the the start of the 2011 year (January) to the ending of the 2011 year (December). Sorry for my confusion

Cheeseknight283740d ago

It's fine. I just didn't understand that you automatically assumed I was comparing it to Call of Duty, as that's a horse that doesn't need to beat any more. We all know that it's milked to death, it's only a matter of time before it's the next Tony Hawk or Guitar Hero.

I don't agree with you on Mario, but I'm a self-admitted Nintendo fanboy so I suppose I'm biased.

CrimsonEngage3740d ago

Please kill this franchise. It's dead in the water.

R8343740d ago

Don't know - the trailer seemed very promising.

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The story is too old to be commented.