Sony & Blu-ray Lose Exclusive JB Hi-Fi Deal To HD DVD

Sony and Blu-ray have lost their exclusivity in JBHi-Fi stores with the announcement that effective from November, the major retailer will start selling HD DVD players and content. The big winner is Toshiba, with JB Hi-Fi Marketing Director Scott Browning conceding that it was the exclusive Paramount content deal with HD DVD that swung him over to the HD DVD format.

Back in February this year at the launch of the Blu-ray Disc Working Group, Browning said that JB Hi-Fi would only sell Blu-ray hardware and software because of the strength of the format.

But in an interview with SmartHouse today Browning said, "We have come to the conclusion that cutting the consumer out of a HD DVD opportunity was not right, as content is critical and the move by Paramount to support HD DVD exclusively influenced our decision...."

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Evil0Angel4022d ago

If this was the orginal title, the article will reach 1100 heat and NASIM will report this as the end of the world

cuco334022d ago

1st off I am console and format neutral. I weed out the BS and FUD, mostly by the bluboys and PS3 fanboys and see what the real truth is.

This is great news as it speaks volumes of the 'I think we made a decision too soon' and hope that others like Blockbuster follow.

Hopefully things will change for the better of the consumer. Both formats can strive and win together but BDA fears that as they need 100% market share in HDM.


andy0014022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

I don't see how you can claim to be impartial when you make that last statement.

At the end of the day the Blu Ray disc is technologically superior to the HD DVD (in terms of storage and in terms of using Java for its interactive features, although admittedly they are still being developed), it was developed by more manufacturers, it is supported by more content producers, it has more content available, and it is also included in the PS3 which allows game developers more storage.

Now you can go on and on as much as you like about the politics of the situation, but if you are impartial then you would be making your decision based on the above paragraph, wouldn't you?

cuco334021d ago

and without getting into full detail on it I care about MOVIES not about formats. The politics in HDM are all due to BD. Look at the history: HD DVD came out of an accepted format from the DVD forum, a forum everyone was (and still is) part of. But due to greed manufacturers and studios looked at what Sony and Pani had cooking by taking HD DVD's technology and pushing it out further to the surface which in terms boosted up the disc space. Only main reason why you initially saw everyone jumping ship to the BD side was due to the PS3 effect. Everyone knew that the Playstation brand would penetrate many homes faster than any HDM player out there and by including a BD drive in every PS3 it was thought to be an easy quick death blow. I myself thought HD DVD would die instantly solely because of that but it didn't. The majority of PS3 owners aren't buying BDs and it is proven in software sales and studies.

Now onto the politics but before I get into it, let me state fact: Transformers in HD DVD received perfect scores for audio and almost perfect scores for visual. I thought the BDA said this could not be done on HD DVD?! Just more useless FUD from their side.
BD has an unfinished spec. Everything they preach is misguided severely like the HD DVD is dead 5 times by now type of lines. That's not saying HD DVD doesn't do that, the worst I've seen them do is not include the PS3 in hardware sales (in a way I understand why, majority of PS3 owners don't even use their PS3s as an HDM player). Even before getting into BD 1.1 profile, let alone BD 2.0 profile, they have issues (see Fox titles not playing in Samsung and LG players). Then I ask THE question to any BD support... How is DRM and region coding GOOD for the consumer?!?!? In short, it's not. It's only good for the companies.

I then asked myself this question. If BD was in fact THE superior format, then why does the BDA constantly spew BS? Why the need to pay for Blockbuster, Best Buy, Target, etc to promote BD? Why did they convince studios to go neutral or to go BD exclusive? Simple really... Because it was needed. And I ask, if BD was so grand, then why are 2 BD exclusive manufacturers making dual format players? THAT alone boggles my mind.

Note: BD-Java is in NO means superior to HDi. In fact HDi is far easier to write and use. Again, the ONLY advantage BD has over HD DVD is storage space and for a storage medium for PCs or gaming it's a plus. For movies, it's a whole different ball game.

For all these reasons (and MANY more) I end with how I am a MOVIE fan, not a format d*ckriding fanboy. I want the content on both and hence why I say EMBRACE BOTH!

athlon7704021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

There you go with your double talk again...

"1st off I am console and format neutral. I weed out the BS and FUD, mostly by the bluboys and PS3 fanboys and see what the real truth is."

You say you are neutral yet use words like blueboys and fanboys. well if you are neutral, then wont you soon be purchasing that BD player yourself and joining the mass market?

and from your 2nd post...

"Look at the history: HD DVD came out of an accepted format from the DVD forum, a forum everyone was (and still is) part of. But due to greed manufacturers and studios looked at what Sony and Pani had cooking by taking HD DVD's technology and pushing it out further to the surface which in terms boosted up the disc space."

Again you are not sounding too neutral, but you do realize that the very forum you speak of is 2 to 1 in favor of the BD standard. As in there are 2 companies supporting BD for every 1 company supporting HD-DVD. For Blu-Ray: Warner Bros., Disney (Buena Vista), Fox, Lionsgate, Sony Picutues, and MGM. For HD-DVD: Warner Bros., Paramount, and Universal Studios. But I understand why you left that part out. And speaking of standards, there are truths to your words. BD is still finalizing there 1.1 standard but that will end at the end of this month 10/31/07, and the mandated format will go into force in November. Here is the quote...

taken from

"Profile 1 (Final Standard Profile) (mandatory November 2007)-unofficially referred to as "Profile 1.1"- adds a secondary video decoder (typically used for picture in picture), secondary audio (typically used for interactive audio and commentary)"

Unlike some people around here, I am not afraid to list where I get my information. Even if it is a BD site regarding you next example...

"Even before getting into BD 1.1 profile, let alone BD 2.0 profile, they have issues (see Fox titles not playing in Samsung and LG players)."

taken from

" News

Samsung Issues BD+ Fix
Posted October 12, 2007 by Josh

Samsung will issue new firmware today to address BD+ issues with their BD-P1000 and BD-P1200 Blu-ray players. With Fox adding BD+ to their new releases, users with the above Samsung players were experiencing difficulty playing the titles. The LG player is currently experiencing similar problems, but a firmware update is expected for that player as well."

So just like the HD-DVD, the BD side can update their firmware to add new features and/or correct for software changes.

And just where did you get this bit of info?

"I thought the BDA said this could not be done on HD DVD?! Just more useless FUD from their side."

If it was from a fan on this site, well then why are you using it in your posting? You are just as guilty for spreading mis-information! Anyone with intelligence knows that BOTH HD-DV and Blu-Ray have the SAME codecs! Period! There are only two differences between the two, capacity, and the language the studios need to use on the menus. That is it, nothing else. But a person as "neutral" as you would know that wouldn't you?

Now to get back on topic, the reason for JB Hi-FI decided to sell HD-DVD equipment and software is simple, sales. This is a good thing. Like many people here have already stated, BD is still a bit on the pricy side following the cheapest HD-DVD by about $75.00. Giving the decision to the customer which format they want is a great decision. My problem with this whole "war" is the exclusives like Disney and Pixar on the BD side, and Paramount on the HD side. The only way out of this war is the dual format players which are over $800.00 yet. Just a bit out of my price range.

cuco334021d ago

I won't lie, I am very disappointed in the BDA and it's aggressive viral marketing tactics. That's not saying as a format, albeit unfinished and having it's own issues, I don't support it. I will, I am in the market for a PS3 and if I didn't buy 8 HD DVDs this week, some would have been BDs due to Circuit City's BOGO deal. I was VERY tempted too but there are just to many titles on HD DVD I decided to get first, you know... since I own an HD DVD stand alone player that can play them.

My comments on the bluboys and fanboys are related to the PS3 trolls who preach BD but don't even buy them. As in some like nassy and many others. If you own a PS3 for gaming then cool, for both gaming and BD extra cool, for BD even better (after all it is the best BD player out there) but you can easily tell by their postings that they preach the BD 'dominance' without even owning BD titles they purchased. Remember, I've said many times I am a MOVIE fanatic, not a format fanboy. I have not purchased an SD DVD since I entered HDM and rightfully so probably won't either unless I walk into Walmart and see something I like in the $5 bin.

The software sales lead is 1.5:1 and that is with 10times (and increasing) players. You don't just look at the software sales without the hardware as it speaks mountains on who is really buying HDM. To top it off, since it's already been quoted, BD costs the studio 30% more just to replicate so BD needs to sell more just to come out with the same profit. Most don't care for this but I, as an engineer, do. I look at the whole picture since if HDM competition weren't here BD discs would be $40+ and the players rightfully so would start at $1000. Competition is good though. You did forget a lot of studios that I won't get into. I don't care about what studio supports what format, I only care for the movie itself. If I want Transformers, for example, in HD the only way I can get it is on HD DVD. Likewise if I wanted Casino Royale in HD I need BD. Let the studio politics be just that, politics. They are the reason why there is a market split and why HDM has the very likelihood to fail as a whole. But everyone knows it, if ALL studios were neutral, BD would fail SIMPLY because of pricing alone.

See my whole gripe on BD and the standalones is WHY should I, as a consumer WAIT for the manufacturer to release a firmware upgrade just to play the movie I bought? I would say the same thing if it happened on HD DVD but it's clear since the spec is not final, this issue is more than likely to happen on BD. What's sad though is that come the BD1.1 deadline, no BD player cheap enough for the masses will be embraced (unless of course the PS3 does in fact become compliant). Most if not all 1st and 2nd gen BD stand alones will have issues due to lack of features in them so the initial adapters to BD who didn't get a PS3 is getting shafted. Not only was the player way more expensive than the game console, it will ultimately be obsolete playing only the movie itself. Some of us like the extra features though. I have no issues on firmware updates, I already updated my HD-A2 like I updated many of my products needing an update/upgrade. The problem I have is if it CAN'T be upgraded. Then you still have BD2.0 which needs an ethernet port which right NOW the PS3 in itself can't even do (lacks 1GB of ram unless of course they do it via HDD)

I don't have time, nor the patience to prove what I post. I don't post FUD. When I did attempt at proving my statements all the trolls came out the woodwork and stated that I was wrong and how HD DVD is dead and the like. Why bother? N4G is filled with children. Some of the adults though do still visit and post here. I just can't stand the kiddy high school talk 'supporting' a format they don't even support.

"Anyone with intelligence knows that BOTH HD-DV and Blu-Ray have the SAME codecs! Period!"
Funny you say this because when I proved it so with links and statements people still bashed me for preaching nonsense stating that BD has superior PQ, how so if the codec is the same?

I wish for all studios to go neutral. I'll still be getting a PS3 that can play BD and technically all Sony would really need is a firmware update since it's known that BD can play HD DVD but not the other way around. Sadly that is only a pipe dream.

EMBRACE BOTH! This 'war' is between HDM and SD DVD, not HD DVD and BD.

athlon7704021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

Now that was a nice rebuttle. I hear ya when you say there are too many people on this site that dissagree with information even when you know you are correct and post the links to prove it. Just like my post in the Transformers audio posting where I had many dissagree that many HD-DVD movies are using the dual layer disc while most of the BD side fit on a single layer disc. I even posted the link to show my source and it was like...OMG this guy just said something neg towards the HD format, he is lying!

"My comments on the bluboys and fanboys are related to the PS3 trolls who preach BD but don't even..."

Oh that bugs me to no end. They dont even realise that they are doing more damage than good with their comments. If you sound like your foaming at the mouth, then anyone on the edge of purchasing one format over the other will probably be swayed to the other side from your comments. I did buy the PS3 mainly as a BD player, but I have purchased many games for it. I was forced to purchase a HDTV when my original SD 50" TV died after 12years. I was sad. :( The first time I played a SD-DVD on my new Lcos 56" I looked to my wife and said...that looks horrible! And the search for a HDM player (as you call them) was on. I lucked out, when they dropped the price of the PS3 and gave the 5 free movies, I was like sweet!

The Blu-Ray side does have its shortcommings as you mentioned. The lack of a standard did cause me to stutter for almost 6months then the first price drop of the 60gig PS3 happened and I jumped abord. Both my 360 and the PS3 look great, and unfortunatly I do not own a latest and greatest 7.1 but do own a very nice 5.1 DTS system and the sound is phenominal. I will never purchase the HD drive add on for the 360 as the 360 does not support DD+. As a system, the 360 is just limited by its audio out and I plan on upgrading my component audion to a 7.1 surround after Christmas. The PS3 will get a update to bring it up to the 1.1 standard, but I am concerned about the 2.0 coming out later. Lets both hope that the upgrades both sides are doing will not force us early adopters grief.

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Demon19804022d ago

whoopity doo, will not have any affect whatsoever.

Omegasyde4022d ago

After careful researching, I have found out that of a discovery of JB. My results show that Job Hi-Fi, is only in Australia and New Zealand and are actually equivalent of a mixture of K-mart and the 99cent store.

They also sell used clothing to go with the HD-dvd players.

Zhuk4022d ago

JB Hi-Fi is the fastest growing electronics and music store chain in Australia, they have the best prices too so this is a big move for the Australian market at least

Cosmo4022d ago

It's really weird considering when you walk in there, all you can find it blu-ray content. But still at $60 compared to $15 for a DVD, its a tuff sell.

Omegasyde4022d ago


Blu ray still has a bigger Australian counterpart than JB. It is a international company that sells way more than JB's. These stores are also found in North America and are 2nd in department stores right behind Wal-Mart.

You may of heard of it, it is called "Target".

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NoUseMerc4022d ago

Oh well...I have never even heard of JBHi-Fi. Not that big. Sony still has Disney (Pixar), Liongate, Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Fox, etc. These are the only ones I am worried about.

boodybandit4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

I'm not being sarcastic.

Edit: I read the article.
A chain of stores. Guess it's not that big a chain since I never heard of them and I am a huge fan of electronics.

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