Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Compilation Video Featuring New Gameplay

Watch this Uncharted 3 multiplayer gameplay video witch included some new gameplay footage.

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pedrami912819d ago

But that "carpet bomb" doesn't look like fun. I mean, wont that abusable ? or will there be some sort of limitation ?

InFAMOUS12819d ago

I see a limitation.. ND already nurfed the grenades in UC2 because of the sheer amount of spam. I would guess this is either a slot option (perk) and usable only one time for every life, or a killstreak of some sort (hope not)

young juice2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

does look kinda dirty, still cant wait for the beta

TreMillz2819d ago

didnt ND say these "killstreaks" would only be allowed once per match?

kingjoker342819d ago

Not killstreaks, "Kickbacks"

Kevin ButIer2819d ago

Looks like Uncharted 2 MP... and thats great, my only problem with that multiplayer was that weapon strategy was kinda limited, spam headshots with semi auto rifle, spam close distance bullets with uzi, shoot and run with shotgun, lol it was really repetitive. Still fun but im expecting a lot in UC3

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KeiserSosay47882819d ago

Yeah, I'm definitely excited for the beta but, C'mon....that carpet bomb was pretty weak. I would get pretty pissed about that.

grailly2819d ago

I think I've seen a naughty dog guy talk about this in an interview: they are "killstreaks"

there are 2 different kinds, and both are shown in this video, one is a triple grenade which explode all at once, and the other is more like a "chain-grenade" which don't blow up all at once. If I remember correctly one is a streak of three and the other a streak of seven, seems weird. the other killstreak we see in the video is the green smoke thing, it makes everybody look like a skeloton, so you can't differenciate friend from foe.

blusoops2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

The developer has stated these are medal kickbacks that u can "buy" once u have enough medals earned, and use only one time.

Once used, u have to earn all the medals necessary again to "buy" it and then u can use it again. This is not at all like killstreaks. U won't get these abilities in the match. U have to earn medals, buy, equip before the match, and use only once during match when u see it necessary.

grailly2819d ago

Ok, so I went back and did some research, and you were right about those "medal kickbacks", they are given by getting medals, which are obtain by doing in-game prowesses, like killstreaks. once you get the right number of medals you can use your medal kickback. it's explaned quite well in this video:

how I understand it, you do get them before a match, you get them while your playing.

I think they'll be quite limitied as alot of them require quite a few medals.

jetlian2819d ago

like homefront instead of points you get medals

khan_saab2819d ago

they are not going to be "killstreaks" but more so "medal-streaks". in COD you kill an X amount of people to get a bonus, but in UC3 you have to get X amount of medals to get that bonus.

source: interview

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KingDustero2819d ago

It is a kick back. Kick backs are abilities that can be activated ONCE per match. One trades in a certain amount of medals they've earned in order to use a kick back once.

Everyone chooses one kick back before the match and have the choice to use it during the match if they have enough medals to trade. However it can only be used ONCE per match.

So basically it isn't something that'll be abusable.

I hope this clears things up.

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belal2819d ago

i hope that carpet bomb is just a killstreak that you can just use once, then you have to stack up kills to use it again. hope they balance it all out, because i have plans to play uncharted 3 online this time, and not just single player.

Lamarthedancer2819d ago

It's based on medals not kills so I think Kickbacks will be harder to get.

I hope they balence it out as well because I want to play Uncharted not Uncharted COD.

I don't want to be taken down every 20 seconds like the fast paced COD.

elite-shot2819d ago

That carpet bomb looks like a killstreak... i'm a little worried

EliteDave932819d ago

Looks awesome cant wait! anyone know the song name?

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FAGOL2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Music is by Skrillex
1st song = Rock N' Roll

2nd song = Kill Everybody =

B00M2819d ago

Nope because you asked for them!

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