Heelys Reveals Ugliest Game Shoe Ever

If there were a competition to make the ugliest shoes in the world. And if that competition had an entry that was so good at being ugly it was disqualified to give the other entries a chance: The Gamer would be that entry.

Kotaku can't figure out which they find more disconcerting. The sheer overwhelming fuglatude of these shoes or the fact that just don't make any sense what so ever. What the hell was going through their minds when they came up with this?

"Brent: I know, let's take a pair of sneakers and slap the gutted remains of an Xbox 360 controller to the sole.

Frasier: Wow, grand slam Brent! Now, lets go roll around in the pool of money we made off of kids who like to skate on the back heels of their shoes."

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ElementX4022d ago

I think it looks rather interesting. I wouldn't call it ugly, but I wouldn't call it a marvel of modern design, either.

stunt2134022d ago

Who the f*ck would want to wear that anyway? If someone give it to me i wouldnt even wear it, you gotta to be like The Mart to be wearing that thing.

Ri0tSquad4022d ago


MADGameR4022d ago

like I said in the old n4g site, ''A shoe to go with the box=shoebox 360'' Who would've known it would literally happen.

Ri0tSquad4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Someone can't take a joke with out getting mad about it but don't worry your not alone Lybee. Those disagrees lets me know how many people like you that can't take a joke I pissed off.

Whoaaa ok relax mister serious gamer it was joke. Doesn't mean my life is pathetic or I don't have one. Just trying to have some fun with the ugliest game shoe ever if thats ok with you? haha

Lyberator4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Why don't you grow the hell up how about that. Instead of trolling n4g comment sections looking to piss people off. "ZOMG I MADE PPL DISAGREE!!" your pathetic, get a life.

W/e you say. I'm done arguing with you so I'll see you around. I'm sure I'll find you in a 360 article causing trouble.

green_ghost54022d ago

That was one of the most stupid comments I've ever read. I own both systems and I prefer my 360 hands down, but I would never wear anything like that.

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Cat4022d ago

who needs jimmy choo when there's heelys: 2 ways to look like a fool.

Gina-get-u4022d ago

Looks kinda...French, oui?

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The story is too old to be commented.